Most people, whether they are 16 or 36, still have some doubts about what they want their future careers to be. There are just so many out there to choose from. Luckily, here at Eluceo we have brought together all the resources from around the web to help you decide. We have also developed a lifelong career road-mapping application, iShine to support you all the way.

Close up of a man in a suit adjusting his tie

When thinking about what jobs you want, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Which qualifications you have, and which ones you will need.
  • What are you interested in and how different jobs relate to your interests.
  • What your skills are and which skills certain jobs require.
  • What kind of environment you want to work in.

In this website there is a ‘Find a Career’ function whereby you can search for careers based on entering a set of search criteria.

Each career includes information on a day-to-day tasks, what their environment is like (i.e. indoor/outdoor, with other people, shifts/9-5 etc.), what qualifications that you need, what strengths (employability skills, knowledge, abilities, interests and working styles) needed, courses to develop your strengths further, vacancies and resources to find more information.

In this website there is also a ‘Find a Coach' function whereby you can find a coach to support your career development.

If you wish to plan your career more closely with relevance to your qualifications, interests and skills then register for free with the iShine app which is available on the web and can be accessed via a desktop, tablet or mobile phone and it is available as a specific application for Android and iOS.