This is an example of a Cover Letter that would be suitable for students applying for their first work experience placement.

This cover letter is part of an application for a placement with Sunshine Travel Agencies, a fictional travel agency firm providing work experience for students aged 14-16. The applicant in this case is responding via email, this is why the company’s address is not included.


This cover letter is written in response to the following job advertisement:

Sunshine Travel, 2 Week Work Placement:

We are looking for five pupils in Year 10 or 11 to join our small team for two weeks in June. Applicants must be enthusiastic and willing to learn and they must have an interest in the travel industry. We want people that are motivated to ensure that they get the most out of our programme.

During this placement you will learn a lot about how a travel agency runs. We will teach you how to provide excellent customer service, how to choose the best providers and how to behave in a professional environment. You will also learn about how to use our online project management system and how to improve general office administration skills.

Wherever something is underlined in blue, the candidate has made a reference to the job advertisement. This includes the requirements they asked for, the skills they promise to teach the candidate and general facts about the company. 

Example Cover Letter:


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