The traditional Bachelor's degree takes three years to complete, however you can also choose to take one or two years culminating in a Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE - one year) or a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE - two years). Although the courses are shorted than a degree, the teaching is the same and you may even go to the same lectures and sit the same exams as Bachelor's students. 

You can apply to undertake a CertHE and DipHE in the same was as a traditional degree, so please see our universities section on more information about how to apply. In the same way, tuition fee and maintenance loans are offered, and our page on Fees & Finance provide more information on this. 

Some careers only require these qualifications, for example a DipHE in nursing allows you to practice nursing in the UK, and this is true of many careers allied to medicine. 

However, either a CertHE and a DipHE can be a stepping stone towards a Bachelor's degree through a 'top-up' course which will involve a further one or two more years of studying.

Additionally, if you originally intended to undertake a Bachelor's degree, but left a year or two early you may be awarded either CertHE or DipHE.