Graduate Certificates and Diplomas are higher education qualifications in line with Bachelor's degrees, but more limited in the depth and breadth of study. Hence a qualification will show that you demonstrate some, but not all, of the kind of skills, knowledge and capabilities that would be expected for a Bachelor's candidate. Gradute Certificates and Diplomas can take up to a year to complete (diplomas involve more work than certificates), depending on whether you choose to study full-time or part-time, and studying will involve lectures, exams and most probably a dissertation. Depending on the provider costs can vary widely, from approximately £5,000-£12,000.

They are offered in a limited range of subjects that are typically work-related, such as management, law, counselling or psychology, and are generally undertaken if you are looking to undertake further study or a career path different to your Bachelor's degree. A famous example of this is the Law conversion course which offers students with degrees in, e.g. biology or history, to be able to train as a solicitor or barrister. They are also common for subjects such as psychology where you'd need an accredited qualification to become a psychologist.

After completing a Graduate Certificate or Diploma you can then go onto your chosen field of work, which may involve further study, such as a Master's or a professional qualification. 

To apply for a graduate certificate or diploma you can go through the university or other course provider directly.