New CIPD qualifications are being introduced in 2021. Based on the new Profession Map the qualifications focus on the knowledge and behaviours required to create value and make an impact in the changing world of work. The new qualifications set the standard for people professionals. We are offering these from September 2021 and have gained the CIPD approval to deliver this exciting new course. Advisory course content 5CO01 - Organisational performance and culture in practice 5CO02 - Evidence-based practice 5CO03 - Professional behaviours and valuing people 5HR01 - Employment relationship management 5HR02 - Talent management and workforce Planning 5HR03 - Reward for performance and contribution 5OS07- Well-being at work


Candidates should ideally have L3 CIPD qualification and around 2+ years of experience working within a HR support-based role. Candidate should be in or looking to enter into a HR Advisor or Partner role.

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Hammersmith & Fulham College

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Gliddon Road, Hammersmith, London, W14 9BL