Girl sitting on her parent's lap looking at a laptop

Online learning is gaining popularity amongst school children. Many have adopted it and are encouraging others to follow the suit. You might be tempted to try it out for your child as well but the question of whether or not online learning would be the right choice for them could plague your mind. 

There are several advantages of online learning, some of which include lower costs, easy access, freedom to choose when and what to learn, elimination of commuting time, etc. All these make online learning a great choice to consider. Let us look at 5 ways you can help your children get accustomed to online learning and succeed in it. 

Helping Your Children Succeed in Online Learning

Set a Schedule

Flexibility is the primary benefit of choosing online learning. Your child can study at any time of the day, but it is important that you have a scheduled time reserved for learning. If you leave it up to the child to study whenever they want, they might keep procrastinating and never get any productive work done. You must set a definitive schedule and help your child stick to it every day. At the same time, you must monitor their breaks, which must be long enough to refresh their mind but not long enough to totally distract them. 

Space Matters

The right space will greatly help in creating the right mindset for your kids to learn. Create a zone in your house that supports uninterrupted study. Make sure that the necessary resources such as a computer, notebooks, pens, etc., are present and try to keep distractions to a minimum. Put restrictions on the internet during their study time so that the kids are not tempted to browse through non-study related things, get distracted and waste time. 

If the course includes some kind of physical exercise, then make sure there is enough space for the child to perform the required activities. You can bring in some exercise equipment too. Ensure that the study space is equipped with all the resources and materials, big and small, to assist the child in uninterrupted learning. 

Be Involved

Online education is primarily carried out through technology-enabled interfaces. Though your child may enjoy one-on-one learning experience with their teachers, it would be ideal for you to be involved in their learning process. Since they would be studying mainly from home, it is up to you to keep your child interested and ignite their passion in different subjects. Talk to your children, understand what interests them and what they like. Keep in touch with their teachers and coaches and be aware of their assignments, schedules, deadlines and personal goals. Follow up regularly so that you don’t stay in the dark.

Encourage Good Study Habits

Make sure that the kids develop good study habits. Help them by giving some pointers and ensure that there is consistency in their study habits and patterns. Taking short breaks are good, but make sure that they don’t start browsing the web or start playing online games instead! Identify what distracts them and address those issues appropriately. Monitor and time the breaks because it can very easily extend from 10 minutes to an hour without you even realising. 

Another aspect where you must help your kids is staying up-to-date with the assignments. As a parent, you will have access to your child’s activity logs and grades. Make sure that they are not lagging behind and are on the right track. Get them into the habit of finishing the assignments and the school work on time every single day. In case you have any questions about their subjects or assignments, get in touch the course’s teachers immediately either by phone or mail.

Acknowledge and Celebrate Milestones

You must acknowledge academic milestones, regardless of how small or big they are. The kids would miss out experiencing the feeling of achievement like they would in a brick-and-mortar school amongst their peers and teachers. Celebrate their academic achievements such as completing a test, finishing a chapter or quarterly or yearly achievements.

It might be a scary thought to try different alternatives from the traditional educational methods but don’t think twice about taking the plunge into online learning. It will become a major educational choice of many students in the future and you will not regret adopting it sooner. 

Making education simple and easy to comprehend is Dana Jandhayala's forte. She's had a long career as an educator where she has taught in several different schools and institutes in multiple countries. Today, she helps students with personalised online tutorials by School Page that help make concepts easy to understand, making learning fast and fun. She writes to help students study better, and to coach parents so they can facilitate the success of their children