Welcome to our six-part career ready guide, designed to help you get back on track when the world gets back on track.

Whether you:

  • are currently furloughed 
  • have been recently made redundant
  • are in an industry/job role with fewer opportunities than ever

our six-part career guide can help you work through the problems you are currently facing, helping you to understand what lies ahead in your future career and help you set manageable career goals. You'll be asked to reflect on your current situation, and there will be some hands-on activities along the way. 

Week 1 - Careers Post-COVID

What is the post-COVID working world going to look like and how might your industry and day-to-day activities change? From there you'll gain a better understanding of what you need to do to stay relevant. 

Week 2 - My Career

Find out about your passions, what makes you tick in the workplace and what you enjoy most about your career and life. Decide whether you should advance in your career or take the plunge and pivot into something entirely different. 

Week 3 - My Skills

What skills are needed most by employers currently, what skills you need to gain if you are in work and what skills you need to gain if you are out of work.

Week 4 - My Future Career

Week 4 is all about making a final decision over which career you are going to pursue. You'll do this through reaching out to people and mining them for ideas, as well as using our iShine app for inspiration. You'll road test your chosen career ideas so that by the end of Week 4 you are left with one career which you can work towards.

Week 5 - Develop my Skills

What specific transferable skills, technical skills and knowledge do you need to develop for your chosen career and how do you go about obtaining them?

Week 6 - Job Hunt Ready

Now you've chosen your ideal career, and gained the skills and knowledge you need, it's time to put together your CV and cover letter and get out to employers.

Career Ready in 6 Weeks

Get your career back on track via our free 6 week challenge, and be the first through the door when the next job opportunity arises.