Health-care workers need to have a good understanding of a wide range of illnesses and health conditions. Each individual they support will be different and each will have their own set of health issues and concerns. This course is designed to raise the candidate's awareness of some of the most common health conditions among older people in the UK. They will explore arthritis, stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and sensory loss (both hearing and visual impairments). They will examine the signs, symptoms, risk factors and treatment options for each one. They will also look at a range of strategies – some of which they can put into practice themselves – that can help to improve the quality of life of someone living with one or a number of these conditions. 

As well as enabling learners to achieve a nationally recognised qualification, this programme will help to encourage or consolidate good practice in the workplace. The course also provides employers with a structured training programme that will meet the training requirements of their employees, giving peace of mind that staff are equipped with the knowledge they need to better support people with some of the most common health conditions in the UK today. 

Course content 

The Level 2 Certificate in Common Health Conditions comprises six units that are presented in three concise module workbooks: 

  • Module A: Unit 1: Arthritis awareness (Credit value: 3) (D/505/8491), Unit 2: Stroke awareness (Credit value: 3) (R/505/2526) 
  • Module B: Unit 3: Dementia awareness (Credit value: 2) (J/505/2524), Unit 4: Parkinson’s disease awareness (Credit value: 3) (F/505/8497) 
  • Module C: Unit 5: Sensory loss awareness (Credit value: 2) (F/601/3442), Unit 6: Understand how to contribute to monitoring the health of individuals affected by health conditions (Credit value: 2) (H/505/5382) 

Each unit contains activities and assessments designed to cover the specific learning outcomes. 

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