Every year in the UK, more than one in three adults aged over 65 falls and injures themselves as a result. Falls have been the most common and serious type of accident experienced by people over 65 for many years, as well as the leading cause of death from injury for people aged over 75. This qualification is aimed at anyone working in a healthcare or social care environment, particularly those that support or have contact with older people who have an increased propensity to falls. This includes individuals working in hospitals, care homes or helping to care for individuals living in their own home. 

Course Content 

The course is split into four manageable units. 

Unit 1: Falls in Context 

  • Section 1: Falls within a health and social care context 
  • Section 2: The impact and consequences of falls 
  • Section 3: The benefits of falls awareness and prevention 
  • Section 4: The legislation and guidance relating to falls and falls prevention 

Unit 2: The Risk Factors and Causes of Falls 

  • Section 1: The factors that increase the likelihood of falls 
  • Section 2: How falls may be caused by personal factors 
  • Section 3: How falls may be caused by environmental factors 

Unit 3: Falls Assessment and Prevention 

  • Section 1: How an individual’s risk of falls can be assessed, monitored and reviewed 
  • Section 2: Effective interventions used to reduce the risk of falls 
  • Section 3: Multi-agency and specialist support available for falls prevention 

Unit 4: Managing Falls 

  • Section 1: How to reduce the impact and minimise harm in the event of a fall 
  • Section 2: Role and responsibilities in falls situations and the importance of learning from falls to improve care 

Each unit contains activities and assessments designed to cover the specific learning outcomes. 

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