In an individual’s personal or work life they may encounter behaviour that they find hard to understand and difficult to ‘manage’. This course gives learners an insight into behaviour that challenges and how to respond to these situations in the most appropriate and supportive way. Learners will examine what behaviour that challenges means, why it may occur and how to promote positive behaviour. They will learn about the importance of effective communication and the vital role of reflection following episodes of behaviour that challenges. Learners will also explore the support available to maintain their own well-being. 

As well as attaining a nationally recognised qualification upon completion, candidates will gain a thorough understanding of the common causes and triggers of behaviour that challenges. Candidates will also learn about effective communication skills and de-escalation techniques. Knowing how to anticipate behaviour that others may find challenging and how to respond to these situations appropriately can help to create a more harmonious living or working environment. The course also provides employers with a structured training programme that will meet the training needs of their employees, giving peace of mind that staff are equipped with the knowledge they need to successfully manage behaviour that challenges.

Course content 

The Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Behaviour that Challenges comprises four mandatory units that are presented in two concise module workbooks: 


  • Unit 01: Understand behaviour that challenges 
  • Unit 02: Understand how to support positive behaviour 


  • Unit 03: Understand the importance of effective communication and the management of behaviour that challenges 
  • Unit 04: Understand the role of reflection and support for those involved in incidents of behaviour that challenges 

Each unit contains activities and assessments designed to cover the specific learning outcomes.

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