Quick Facts

  • Founded
    • Although most universities in the UK were established out of previous institutions, this date represents when the university received its Royal Charter.
  • Style, out of:
    • city-campus
    • multi-site campus
    • semi-urban campus
    • urban campus
    • civic university
    • city university
    • collegiate - university is comprised of colleges
    • Universities can be listed as having more than one style.
  • Affiliations, out of:
  • Social Scene - societies and sport clubs in the university
  • Famous Alumni
  • Ranking (International)
  • Ranking (National)
  • Student Satisfaction Q22 column of the National Student Survey(NSS) result by teaching institution for all institutions.
  • Green CredentialPeople & Planet Green League . Out of 145 universities; '=' refers to the score being equal to another university or universities
  • National Research Position (The Complete University Guide Research Assessment)
  • Young vs Mature - undergraduate students (aged under 20) as a percentage of the total
  • Male vs Female - male undergraduate students as a percentage of the total
  • UG Fees UK&EU/International Undergraduate fees for UK, EU and International students per annum, and the year as stated. Often fees will be depend on the course, and we try to include as many fee brackets as possible.
  • UG Fees Scotland & EU/UK/International Undergraduate fees for Scotland &EU, Rest of UK and International students per annum, and the year is stated. Often fees will be depend on the course, and we try to include as many fee brackets as possible.
  • General Information


    • The history of the university from its inception up to the current day.
    • It may also include recent famous inventions and discoveries, and recent developments on the campus, such as a new library or law school if there are any.

    University Environment

    Where the university is situated, and where the main campuses are.

  • Academic Information


    States how the university is organised; this should give you some indication of what subjects the university offers.


    Generally through the introduction of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 results which show the research highlights and strengths of the university.

    International & Industrial Opportunities

    • Year Abroad
    • Year in Industry
  • Fees & Finance

    UG Fees UK&EU

    Undergraduate fees for UK and EU students per annum, and the year as stated. Often fees will be depend on the course, and we try to include as many fee brackets as possible. Note: EU will have to pay international fees post Brexit.

    Scholarships and Bursaries

    Only UK and EU students can apply.

  • Facilities

    Learning Facilities

    • Library Facilities
    • IT Facilities
    • Language Learning Facilities (if the university has them).
    • Depending on the university they might also have subject such as art, design and media studios, mock court rooms and mock trading floors. If this is the case, there will be information regarding these.
    • VLE and other learning tools.
    • Academic support e.g. workshops on report writing.

    Sports Facilities

    • Indoor facilities
    • Outdoor Facilities
    • Where are these facilities? If they are on campus describe the facilities on each campus.
    • Sports scholarships - if the university offers sports scholarships, they will be stated.
  • Students’ Union

    • What facilities are available
    • Advice & Representation
    • Volunteering activities
    • Media opportunities
  • Student Support

    Religion & Spirituality

    • Chaplains - what they offer
    • Facilities such as churches, mosques, prayer rooms.
    • Other facilities if the university has them such as a library.
    • Workshops and events if the university provides them.

    Health & Wellbeing

    • Student medical centre - if the university has a medical centre it will be stated here.
    • Counselling service
    • Disability service

    Career Facilities

    • Personal Skills Award or something similar
    • Job Shop
    • Internships and Work Experience
    • Careers within course
    • Events, seminars, workshops
    • Careers centre
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Accommodation

    • Price range for both catered and self catered accommodation
    • Accommodation for individuals, not families, but the price does include individuals sharing a room.
    • Prices are listed per week, and the most recent prices are shown. The prices might increase for your application year.
  • International

    English Language Requirements

    Written in the format seen in the prospectus/on the university website.


    Only those that all non-EU students can apply to are stated.

    International Support

    • Welcome weekend - this is stated here if the university offers one.
    • Advice and support - what the university offers.
    • English Language Support
  • Media

    Photographs - if unstated, photographs are from Wikimedia Commons and licensed for re-use under the Creative Commons Licences.