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Being a teenager absolutely sucks. You’re too old to do the things you used to enjoy, and too young to do the things you want to do. Your fight for freedom is often ruined by your parents’ rules and restrictions. A recent survey looked at what 15-year-olds were getting stressed about, and here’s what they were all secretly thinking:

1. “I’m worried that I am not attractive enough to get a boyfriend/ girlfriend”

It’s really hard when you’re at school if everyone around you is finding love. Don’t worry if this is you, acne, awkward weight gain, greasy hair and braces are all a part of growing up, and no one wants to peak too soon.

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 2. “I can never afford the latest fashions”

Everyone at school seems to be able to buy the latest trends and latest fashion, and you just can’t afford it. But don’t worry, if you think they’ve got that skirt that you’re dying for there’s probably something you’ve got that they’re dying for in return. Everyone wants the stuff they don’t have.

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3.“There is never enough time to get all of my school work done”

Mocks are just about to start, you’ve got hockey matches coming out of your ears and a school orchestra tour to practice for. When is this work ever going to get done? Stop, breathe and remember that this will all be over before summer.

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4. “I don’t know what to do with my life”

Teenagerdom is full of people asking you what you’re doing your GCSEs in, whether you’re off to college or university, and what you want to do when you grow up. Very few people end up doing what they expected - just go with it.

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5.  “Should I be smoking, drinking and taking drugs like all my friends?”

Don’t succumb to the peer pressure, just do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

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6. “I want friends who will be there for me”

As we all know your teenage years suck, and making friends is hard. This is especially true for girls as many can be bitchy. But if you do manage to find good friends they’ll be there for you through thick and thin, and you’ll enjoy an easy going few years.

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7. “I don’t understand what the popular kids have that I don’t.”

You may be jealous of them now and although their school days may be the best days of their lives, yours are yet to come.

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8.“People ask me to act like a grown-up but they won’t give me any responsibility”

Teenagers are expected to make know what they want to do when they’re 30 yet still have to ask to go use the loo, how is that supposed to work?

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9. “I’m confused about the people I fancy”

Teenage years are famously known as the baffling time you start to develop feelings for other people, and for some you’ll find you’ve got a bit more to figure out.

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10. “I wish my parents would let me make my own mistakes”

Parents always have your best interests at heart. Listen to them and take their advice if you think it’s correct, but do your research as well. Your parents don’t always know what’s best for you, and you’re more likely to regret not doing something than trying it and failing.

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11. “Everyone seems to be having so much more fun than me”

Scrolling through Facebook on a Saturday night when you’re sat in your pyjamas on the sofa and seeing everyone else in your year partying it up in Marbella will make you feel a bit bummed out, but remember they’re only off on one holiday this year and just took a ridiculous number of photos.

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12. “I can’t figure who I am”

When you’re a teenager, it’s hard to strike a balance between being yourself and fitting in.  Working out who you are and what you want is something you’ll be thinking about for your whole life so don’t worry about it too much just yet.

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