Today's school children have got it easy. They can look up all the answers for their homework online and can chat to their friends whenever they want on their smartphones but there are a few amazing things that they don't get the chance to experience...

 1. What this thing was used for:

OverheadprojectorImage Credit: Piotrus/ common.wikimedia.org

2. The excitement you felt when this was rolled into the room:

SchoolTvImage Credit: Brainjet.com

 3. And when one of these was whipped out:

VHSImage Credit: Michael Krahe/ commons.wikimedia.org

 4. The horrible sound teachers made writing on one of these:

ChalkboardImage Credit: Raysonho/ commons.wikimedia.org

5. How to make your work smell like a fruit salad:

Stick Pens 324019 480x360 4904342105

Image Credit: Emilian Robert Vicol/ commons.wikimedia.org

 6. Using this to look up answers for your homework:

EncyclopediaImage Credit: Ziko/ commons.wikimedia.org

7. Or this:


Image Credit: Playbuzz

 8. Because usually the internet was a no go:


Image Credit: Image 3D

 9. The number of hours you spent looking after this (and the sadness you felt when it died):

TamagotchiImage Credit: Tomasz Sienicki/ commons.wikimedia.org

 10. How amazingly cool you felt when you got this:


Image Credit: Asimzb/ commons.wikimedia.org

11. And how annoyed you were when it got confiscated because you were playing this on it under the desk:


Image Credit: Sodahead.com

 12. How much you needed each one of these things the second they came out:

musicImage Credit: Mike Licht; Andrew Fogg; Maksim; Tam Tam 

 13. How important your profile was on this:

MyspaceImage Credit: Bicscope/ commons.wikimedia.org

 14. And this: 

BeboImage Credit: bebo.com

 15. And how much time you sepent chatting on this instead of doing homework:


Image Credit: Joe Anderson/ Flickr.com

Written by Tilly Embling for ELUCEO

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