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Post COVID19, many businesses. will be looking to pivot or refocus their business, and this means that they will want employees who can best help them do this. 

Equally, upon entering a recession, there will be more people looking for work compared to the number of jobs that are available and therefore you need to stand out from the crowd even more. 

This means that, on top of the transferable skills all jobs require, you'll need to show some extra skills that are especially important at the moment. Potential employers might ask about them at interview, but if they don't you should definitely try and get them across during the discussion at some point as they may just be the clincher!

Here are the 5 post-COVID19 skills you need to possess and tell employers about when you go for interview:


Adaptability, or agility, is the ability to change, reinvent and improve the way in which you are doing things based on the environment you are in. In a company coming out of a recession and refocusing, they'll want someone who can put their hand to any task. Let them know how you have taken on aspects of a project you are less familiar with or worked in a way that suits other team members rather than yourself, or have taken the initative to learn new new skills and knowledge at work to complete a task. 


Companies are unsure of what their future holds, and they want employees who can try and test approaches to find out what works and what doesn't before moving forward. They want candidates to know when they've taken the wrong approached, realised that this has been the case, rectified the situation and learnt from these past events. They want candidates to say when they've made a mistake. This means that a company has a much better understanding of how to move forward and in the long run get back on their feet much quicker. 


The ability to communicate with a variety of different people is even more pressing. Firstly, due to the fact that post-COVID19 companies will be assessing different markets, and they need people who are able to speak to these new markets and customers. Secondly, due to the fact that it's likely we will often work from home. Working from home brings is a whole new ball game when it comes to communication, and employers want to see that you can communicate as effecively online as you can offline.


Companies want to see that you can bounce back from any set backs you might face, as it's likely that in the short term they'll be facing a lot of set-backs. Looking for work and not giving up in this environment is a way of showing that you have persistence - let the interviewer know how you’ve dealt with finding work, whether it's bringing order and structure to your day, treating yourself on the odd occasion, or celebrating the small wins.{eluceoshare}

Fresh eyes

If companies are looking to pivot, they will be looking for employees who can see things in a different light to them. This might be specifically in you knowing something about a sector they wish to enter, or more broadly with your wealth of experience. If you have a great deal of experience in lots of different areas and job roles, you can show how you used an insight in one arena and applied it to another. 

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