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Unsure of what your core values are? Here are more than 200 to give you some ideas as to how you lead your life and formulate your career path are:

Acceptance Focus Resourcefulness
Accuracy Forgiveness Respect
Achievement Friendship Responsibility
Adventurousness Freedom Restraint
Altruism Fun Results-oriented
Ambition Generosity Rigor
Assertiveness Goodness Romance
Authenticity Grace Safety
Balance Gratitude Self-actualisation
Being the Best Growth Self-awareness
Belonging Happiness Self-care
Boldness Hard Work Self-control
Calmness Health Selflessness
Carefulness Helping People Self-reliance
Caring Holiness Self-respect
Challenge Honesty Sensitivity
Cheerfulness Honour Sensuality
Citizenship Humility Serentiy
Clear-mindedness Humour Service
Commitment Independence Sexuality
Community Industry Shrewdness
Compassion Influence Simplicity
Competency Ingenuity Skilfulness
Competitiveness Inner Harmony Soundness
Conformity Inquisitiveness Speed
Connection Intelligence Sprituality
Consistency Intellectual Status Sponteneity
Contentment Intimacy Stability
Continuous Improvement Intuition Strategic
Contribution Impact Status
Control Joy Strength
Cooperation Justice Structure
Correctness Kindness Success
Courage Leadership Support
Courtesy Learning Teamwork
Creativity Legacy Temperance
Curiosity Love Thankfulness
Decisiveness Loyalty Thoroughness
Democratic Making a difference Thoughtfulness
Dependability Mastery Tolerance
Determination Meaningfulness Traditionalism
Devoutness Merit Trustworthiness
Diligence Mindfulness Truth-seeking
Discipline Obedience Understanding
Discretion Openness Uniqueness
Diversity Optimism Unity
Dynamism Order Usefulness
Economy Originality Vision
Effectiveness Patience Vitality
Elegance Patriotism Wealth
Empathy Peace Wisdom
Encouragement Pefection  
Enjoyment Persistence  
Enthusiasm Piety  
Equality Pleasure  
Excellence Popularity  
Excitement Positivity  
Expertise Power  
Exploration Practicality  
Expressiveness Preparedness  
Fairness Professionalism  
Faith Prudence  
Fame Quality-orientation  
Family-orientedness Reciprocity  
Fidelity Recognition  
Fitness Reliability  
Flexibility Religion  
Fluency Reputation