8 reasons you need a career coach

COVID is finally receding and you’ve put on the pounds. You’ve little motivation, have not left your village for six months, and have no idea where to start or what you should be doing to get fit fast. What do you choose to do about it?

Are you, like me, someone that’s going to head to the gym, join a couple of classes a week and get on that cross trainer and hope for the best?

Or are you someone that’s going to pay a personal trainer £40 an hour to work with you one-to-one to help you gain the results YOU WANT and shed the weight in as short a time as possible?

In all likelihood, you know someone who pays for a personal trainer, to help them be accountable and get the exercise done, create personalised programmes tailored to your needs, to help them reach their fitness goals, and keep them motivated and energised when they just can’t continue any more.

So why would you not do the same when you face a crisis in your career?

It may sound counterintuitive to spend money when you’re probably at a point in your life where you need to rein in the purse strings, but just like a personal trainer, a career coach can help you reach your goals quicker, and get you back into work in a career you love at a much faster rate than you can do on your own.

They too have the expertise you need to build your confidence and motivation, create personalised career plans, mentor you in your specific weaknesses, and help you find the new work-you you never thought was possible. They can challenge you to stretch yourself and go outside your comfort zone, try careers you never thought were possible, and ultimately help you fight for your worth.

Here are 8 reasons you need a career coach.

1. You’re stuck and don’t know what you should be doing next.

You’re at a career crossroads and you have no idea what the next move should be. Should you continue to look for work in your current area of expertise or jump into something new? Should you go freelance or set up your own business?

2. Your applications are just not getting you anywhere.

You’ve applied for job after job after job and you are just having no luck. Perhaps it’s time to get some advice on alternative job approaches, perhaps you tense up in interviews and just need some one-to-one practise before the big day.

3. You want a career change.

You have no idea where to start to make that next move, whether it’s understanding what career is right for you, your strengths, values and needs, or what you need to do to get into that career, and the whole process is both baffling and overwhelming.

4. You’ve not applied for a new job in a long time.

You might have excelled in your previous employment, but it’s not getting through to employers as you have no idea how to sell yourself and say what they need to hear in a job application.

5. You’re afraid of networking.

If your primary strategy for applying for jobs is through online applications, and you don’t have a strong network, you may find that you are struggling and need some help accessing the hidden jobs market.

6. You’ve been out of the job market a long time.

You don’t know what’s expected of you of today’s job market, and just need that helping hand putting everything together.

7. Your career has stalled.

You’ve been working for 20 years now and taken opportunities as they’ve come, but the moves you’ve made are directionless. It’s the perfect time for you to take control of your future, focus your career towards your values, and find career happiness for the rest of your working life.

8. You’re disillusioned, unmotivated or discouraged.

You’re in a negative place due to previous experiences in or outside the workplace, whether that’s being made redundant from a role in an unfavourable manner, or have been struggling to find work for so long your resilience is at the end of its tether.

Do any of these sound like you? If so, our career coaches offer one-to-one impartial advice tailored to your needs and experiences. They have a whole host of expertise and experiences, and you'll find that perfect match to set you back on track. 

What to look for in a career coach?

What are YOU looking for?

Just like a personal trainer, career coaches can offer different advice depending on your needs. Before you set out to take on a career coach, think about what you want to achieve with them, and use that knowledge to help you find the right one for you.

It could be that you want to help assess your values and workplace personality to help you draw out alternative careers that are a perfect match for you. It could be that you want a friendly face to help you stay motivated and build your self-esteem whilst you continue to job hunt and face those knockbacks which are the norm in the process. It could be that you need help with your personal branding and getting your name and face out there to potential employers. It could be that you need help putting together a CV that will put you forward for an interview, or you need just that little bit of practise to get your confidence up in the interview.

Your career goals.

It’s wise to pick a career coach that already has experience with clients in a similar position to you. It may be that a specific career coach helps to place people in the industry you are interested in and therefore knows what’s needed to get into that industry. It might be that the career coach helps graduates look for their first entry-level job. It might be that the career coach is an expert in working with mums that have been out of the working world for several years and just don’t know where or how to start the return process.

One-off or long term?

Career coaches offer a variety of different packages and programmes which can be tailored to you. It may be that you want to go right back to basics over a long period and delve into your working why in a programme that lasts several weeks or even months. Or it might be that you just want someone to look over your CV and point you in the right direction.

Career coach personality.

As with anyone you meet, you’ll likely get on like a house on fire with some career coaches, whom you feel as though you can open up to and get to the bottom of your career distress, and not others. The coaches we work with offer 15-minute taster sessions, either online or over the phone, so you can get to know them a bit better and discover whether they are a good fit for you and vice versa.


How quickly do you want the advice? Do you want to be able to start working on your new career tomorrow or are you happy to wait a month for the perfect coach? Are you wanting to gain results asap and find a job, or are you looking for direction and think a longer process is more suitable? Would you like to meet your coach face face-to-face or are you happy for online chats?


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