South East Asian secondary school student in a blazer looking bored in the classroom

Sometimes it is challenging to cope with the pace of modern life. A world of stress, change, and stimuli overload do not contribute to peace of mind. Many students have met such an annoying problem as complete reluctance to studying. In such cases, it is very difficult to concentrate on something useful, and the person becomes sluggish and inactive. If you wish to gain motivation to study and solve this problem, read this article!

A Widespread Problem

50% of students face difficulty in finding motivation to study. Even when you have chosen the profession of your dreams, such psychological problems as a “laziness attack” still occurs frequently. Let’s say when it comes to learning, you have already set you up for something else, something more exciting and fun than a boring studying. In this case, you don’t want to spend your time for learning because you realise you’ll miss our. That happens to everybody. Do not allow it to become a habit.

Best Steps to Productive Learning

Here is some advice to motivate you to create good study habits. It will help you to become more productive, and is useful for adults as well. 

  1. During the day, ask yourself questions that relate to the subjects you study at school, college or university. Let’s say you study history and you want to find out more about some historical events. Write down a sketch on paper, search relevant information and give a full and accurate answers later. Also, there is a wide choice of educational programs and guides on the web.
  2. Create a network of students where everyone needs to learn one part of the syllabus and share it with their peers. Through the teaching and understanding of a topic, it helps you to learn new information better. Also it is more interesting to study together.
  3. Relax your mind. Taking a regular break improves your productivity and brain activity. Get some fresh air and adjust what you were doing on your return. Only a 15 minute break is needed to help you relax, but when you start learning again, you’ll absorb new information better in the same amount of time.
  4. Try new activities, whether it's sport, music, or dance classes. Join in some hobby-clubs to figure out what activity you might enjoy.
  5. Be creative. When you feel exhausted, and learning turns you into a monster, you can chill out in the zone of creativity. You can check for assignment help here and paint something, write poems and songs, create music or craft something manually. The best part is that your emotions will overfill you, and it is the perfect condition for creating a masterpiece or generating amazing ideas!
  6. Start working when you want to. If you can’t get over yourself and make yourself work when it’s necessary, then do it when you can. If some of your mates study every evening and you want to do something else at the same time, try to learn later. Do it late at night or early in the morning until you feel ready for studying.
  7. Dream and enjoy your life - this is one of the most effective motivational activities for students. Some people dream of love, some people dream about a fun time with their friends, some people dream about autumn, some people dream about new “toys” ... There are a lot of things to dream about, but when you dream, try to imagine the moments of life in your head as realistic as possible. Also, you can dream up new ideas when you lie in bed or walk in the park. And if you are trying to enjoy the view, pay maximum attention to every detail. Enjoy every little detail and gift a smile to the world.This is a very critical point in your learning process.