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Most parents think they know what is best for their children. Even if they don’t actively encourage them into a certain job, they will definitely have an opinion on the types of jobs that their children should be aiming for. However, the world is changing all the time and careers that were once steady, reliable and respectable have become out-dated and out of sync with the modern world. So which sectors should parents be encouraging their children to look into and which should they be telling them to avoid?

In fact there are no specific sectors that should be avoided, it is just that individual jobs are changing and adapting to the modern era. The guide below details some of the most respected and popular career areas and the ways in which they are changing so that parents and children can better prepare themselves for what work will be like over the next fifty years.

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Advertising certainly will not go out of fashion anytime soon. In fact the industry is growing exponentially. However, to get into advertising or marketing, a degree in design or media will not help you ask much as it used to. Although people will be making adverts for TV and magazines for as long as TVs and magazines exist, this is not an expanding, exciting area to work in anymore. Where advertising is growing, is online, through the use of cookies and advert banners but also through social media, subliminal marketing and the endorsement of products by bloggers and vloggers. Therefore, if your son or daughter is interested in career in advertising or marketing it is a good idea for them to understand how to use and manipulate social media and to have a basic knowledge of website construction and html.

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Whether you agree with their business practices or not, it cannot be denied that working for fuel and gas companies have long been seen as a route to a steady career and a hefty pay-packet. This may no longer be the case however. BP’s share price has dropped nearly 40% in the last ten years and many of the world’s governments are searching for viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Because of the increasing scarcity of traditional fuels, those wanting work in the energy business in the future will be far better placed if their expertise is in renewable or alternative energies.


Engineers will always be in demand as things will always have to be built or created. However, there are whole new fields of engineering growing up everyday which will employ thousands in future generations. Anything to do with computers and technology is big business at the moment and fields such as electrical engineering, software engineering and robotic engineering are growing rapidly. For these types of engineering, a background in maths and design is necessary.

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Working in the financial sector remains a well-paid and stable career, even if bankers aren’t as popular as they used to be! Stock-brokers, fund managers and financial advisers are still hugely in demand and well remain so because, as time goes forward, financial products become more and more complex. There are some jobs in this sector, however, that are becoming outmoded. Accountants or bank cashiers and managers may find it increasingly difficult to find jobs as apps and computer programs allow people to manage their own financial needs. Don’t fret though, if your son or daughter is good at maths, there are still plenty of options out there for them. Working with statistics and building software both necessitate mathematics backgrounds and are both growing industries.


Of course doctors will always be in demand and being a doctor will always be a noble and respected career choice. However, working in healthcare is no longer makes you a well-paid, community stalwart. Now young doctors have to work incredibly long and unsociable hours often for little pay. Working in healthcare is certainly a vocation but it still offers millions of jobs all around the country. And this is set to continue because of the UK’s ageing population. Providers of social and medical care are increasingly in demand and in future years the growth of this sector will not abate if statistics are to be believed. Caring for the elderly is a great career option for young people looking to work in healthcare but who cannot quite face seven years at medical school.

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Again, it is unlikely that lawyers will ever go out of fashion but there are some areas of law that are growing faster than others. International law is one of the most exciting areas at the moment. This sector is growing so quickly because of the increasingly global nature of trade and business. This is definitely something to consider if your child is considering becoming a lawyer. Having an understanding of global history, economics or politics will help them on this path. As many people qualify through a law conversion, after their degree, international law is something that graduates who have specialised in any of the above disciplines during their degree.

Writing and Journalism-

Writing has never been a career known for its huge pay packets, even more so recently as print media is beginning to flounder. However, there are a raft of new opportunities available to budding young writers in the information age. People still want news and entertainment, they are just getting it in different ways. Every company now has a website and many run their own blogs, meaning writers have never been in more demand. The jobs are out there, they just sound different. Jobs like content writers, content managers and social media coordinators are mostly focused on writing.

Likewise, there may not be many jobs for reporters at the Times or the Guardian but look out for online publications such as the Huffington post or even Buzzfeed and The Tab, they are always looking for new writers. Therefore, if your child is interested in becoming a writer don’t push them away from it. Even if their novel doesn’t work out, there are plenty of fall back options out there for talent writers.

Written by Tilly Embling for ELUCEO