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Welcome to the July edition of Just for you! A monthly edit of tools, news and stories curated to help you on your career/employment journey. I hope the sun is shining wherever in the world you are. Summer is already here in the UK and we are very much looking forward to the Summer Break 🤗.

Supporting women working from home and in the office

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During the lockdowns, remote working was an incredibly useful tool. With restrictions now lifted in the UK and offices getting busier, there is a risk that some businesses that offer hybrid working will fall prey to proximity bias, writes Sheila Flavell CBE, Deputy President, techUK & COO, FDM Group.

Proximity bias is where people in the physical proximity to their team and company leaders will be, unconsciously, perceived as better or given preferential treatment, hampering the career progression of those who work from home.  {Source - Thrive, techUK newsletter June}

The best young universities of the world 2022

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If you are thinking of going to university next year and are wondering whether you should choose a newish university, look no further as The Times Higher Education has published the Young University Ranking 2022. These are the world's best universities that are 50 years old or younger.  Here is the link!

Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles

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Being overweight and obese affects over half of all men and women in OECD countries. This has significant health and economic consequences. As part of OECD’s work on promoting best practices in public health, they have produced a report that outlines policy recommendations on how to address two leading overweight risk factors: poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Policy recommendations are drawn from a review of high-priority interventions implemented in OECD and EU27 countries. Read the report here.

What is Russell Group

Searching for a suitable university to go to is not an easy task.  Firstly, there are so many league tables, each measuring different parameters and you are not sure which to trust.  In addition, you may come across terms that are new to you, such as the Russell Group of universities.

To help you understand Russell Group, Eluceo has written a blog, 'How important is the Russell Group'. Also, recently, The Times Higher Education (THE) has published an article to explain the Russell Group. I hope you find them useful.  

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