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Job hunting is one of the most common practices of young people. The process of seeking a job has been modified and progressed with the pace of time and technology. The objective remains the same but ways of achieving one's goal keep changing according to the needs, advancement and resources of people. People used to search job via ads given in newspapers by companies. If someone would find himself eligible for the job, he would be applying for that job and wait for a call from the employee for an interview. This method has not been not completely discarded but internet has replaced it to a large extent.

Youngsters today use the internet to put forward their CV on specific career platforms and companies pick them and contact them according to the demands. It is surely a much better and faster way as whether you are on the internet or not, your profile is still there and companies can contact you any time after visiting your professional profile.

Now there is one thing that carries a lot of value and it must be considered prior to choosing a profession and that is seeking advice and opinions about that specific job/career from career advisors. The question that emerges in your mind is “how are you going to meet a career advisor and what about the charges they may demand, as a job seeker is still not earning any money to pay the fee?”

The answer is easy. You don’t need to step out of your home to seek the advice of a professional career advisor, he is right there at your laptop, what a blessing!

Blogs for Job Seekers

Setting up a blog has become a trend nowadays and there is a sea of information and wisdom which we can take from these blogs. Blogs are designed and written for specific reasons and today we are going to look at “blogs for job seekers”.

There are hundreds of blogs which can be visited if you are a job seeker, specially designed to answer your doubts and queries. You can get advices from experts, discuss any problems or hurdles you are facing while looking for a job and get a list of available organisations which might be interested in hiring new employees. Here we mention five top blogs which offer the best advice for your career.

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As we have mentioned before, you will find not only the opportunities for jobs, but also the advice of experienced people and career specialists. At Social Hire, you can discuss your point of view with the team. They will suggest the best option for you. You also get important information about each career line and you can easily take a decision to drive your wheels to a specific direction after visiting

Undercover Recruiter

It’s a famous blog for fresh job seekers as well as experienced ones looking to change their career. This blog is full with fresh and up-to-date content and you will find everything you are looking for. It will help you a lot when you are looking for the right job for you. 

Jobsite’s Worklife Blog

There is something interesting and capturing about this blog. You can find a virtual interviewer whom you will select yourself and he will ask questions to you according to your career demands. This means you will be ready for the interview any time after practising here.

Work It Daily

Another great source of information for those who are totally in the dark about career tactics and basic rules in choosing a career path. 

Bubblelocal Career Advice

Another great platform for those people's who are looking to build their career in the respective field of Digital Marketing especially.They alway's hunt's for brilliant,bright and friendly people who could join their team.  

In all of these blogs you'll find career advice and tricks to get a job. However each blog has maintained its specialty by offering something new and exciting, ranging from tutorials, CV templates, live chat with experts, researched material and lists of hiring companies. So try to consult as many blogs as possible. The more platforms receiving your information, the more chances you'll have in gaining that dream job. 

John Alex is a business consultant in dubai, experienced blogger and a professional social media coach. Currently he’s working with which provides tuition teacher.