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Everyone goes through it at least once in their life. Each interview is a new chance for a better life, new opportunities. It is difficult not to spoil everything because there's so much at stake. If you want to pass the interview successfully, you should be well prepared, know what questions to ask and how to respond to the employer's requirements. You should behave respectfully, professionally and politely, because you have to show the interviewer why you should get the desired position. Maybe it sounds impossible to cope with all these things, but here are a few top tips to help you prepare for a job interview. 

1. Preparation.

Take care of everything in advance so that you feel most comfortable and "fully armed" during the interview. Research everything about the company where you are going to work. It's likely that you will be asked to tell the company something about themselves. Nowadays interviewers also try to create a stressful situation so they understand how you perform under pressure, so be prepared for such tense atmosphere. 


2. Psychology.

By studying some psychological techniques, you can influence the opinion of your interviewer. Before the interview, read articles about human nature, emotions, facial expressions, phrases and body language. Also it important to control your emotions, as it may influence the decision of the employer. You should be smiling, modest, polite and confident at the same time. 

3. Come early.

Make sure you have dressed appropriately and don’t forget anything. Remember to bring a portfolio, a CV, and pens and paper for making notes. Punctuality is important, while it is also worth highlighting the importance of appearance, as these two things are inextricably linked. You can surely come in time, but it does not mean that you can afford groomed appearance. Whatever they say your hairstyle and look are of great importance. 

4. Show curiosity.

Don’t forget to ask questions and pay attention to the employer's answers. You can even write them down. This will show that you are listening carefully and, also, will allow you to analyse the interview later. Don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands. On the interview, as a rule, the helpful moment comes when the interviewer and the interviewee change places and the applicant has an opportunity to ask questions of interest to the employer. However, be careful - you shouldn’t spend this occasion for stupid questions like “Will you call me, or I have to do it?”, “Why is this position open?”, and so on. 

5. Ask for other people's help.

Talk with your friends. Conduct interviews with each other to get used to communicative and social aspects of the interview. Ask your friend about what impression this or that answer remains, and use feedback to choose what will put you in a favourable light and what you need to showcase. 

These were basic tips to pass the job interview successfully. Remember, your career depends on this interview -  act professionally and remain calm. Usually, the most efficient thing is to be yourself. Try to relax, take a bath, drink tea, read a book, meditate. Whatever you want if it helps you to be positive and confident. The day before the interview, rehearse your cues in front of the mirror. This may seem ridiculous, but it will help you to correct some flaws in your plan.

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Remember, in spite of the employer's opinion the outcome of the interview depends only on you, and you can change everything. If you wish something, then achieve it, go to your goal. Everything is in your hands. So, I will you to be as powerful as the Wolverine, as smart as the Doctor, as funny as Joe and as charming as Iron Man. You’ll cope with it for sure. Good luck!