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You may be itching for uni to restart, as well as being able to see your friends and getting back to your job, but we’ve still got a way to go for everything to return to normal. Because you won’t have access to the extra money your part-time job gives you but still have to pay bills, some universities are offering extra support in this difficult time.

Here’s the type of help you can access via your university, depending on what you need. We’ve not listed all the universities that offer support here, but check out your university union, student services or counselling service to see what they are specifically offering.

Financial Support

Some universities, such as Dundee, Surrey and York are offering emergency funds to cover rent and bills that you might be accruing while you can’t go out and work. You have to apply for these funds and show that you are in financial difficulty to access them. 

Food Banks

Some universities, such as Kent, Leeds Beckett, Northumbria and Southampton Solent have opened food banks to help you with staple groceries that will tied you over for the week. 

Emergency Food Parcels

If you are having to self-isolate and don’t have anyone nearby that can pick up your groceries for you, your university may also be able to drop food to your door in the way that Portsmouth and Abertay are doing.{eluceoshare}

Health and Wellbeing

Some universities, such as Nottingham and Ulster, are also offering advice on health and wellbeing when you are not going into university. If you are feeling anxious or suffering from mental health problems during this tough time, don’t hesitate to get in contact with your Wellbeing service - all staff will still be working, just from the comfort of their own homes!

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