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Looking to build a career in Civil Engineering? Here is what you can expect:

A diverse industry, civil engineering offers many employment opportunities. There are a number of fields that grads in civil engineering can choose including transport, rehabilitation, environment, materials, structural, coastal and geotechnical. Additionally, civil engineering graduates can work in both the government and the private sector. 

Civil engineers will always be in demand. As populations grow and infrastructure requirements increase, more and more civil engineers will be recruited by government agencies and private organisations. So, this beckons the question: how can one build a career in civil engineering in UK?

In the UK, civil engineers design, build and maintain roads, bridges, dams and buildings that make up the towns and cities we live in. Moreover, they inspect building sites and appraise recommended plans to ascertain how large-scale projects will impact the environment and whether the materials used will ensure a safe and stable structure. 

Civil engineers spend most of their time working outdoors on building sites but they do work in the office as well. Whether it is designing transportation systems, building new skyscrapers or performing emergency infrastructural work, civil engineers work on projects throughout the UK. Unlike other professionals, civil engineers often have to work beyond regular office hours. In order to meet deadlines, civil engineers may be required to work on the weekends and during the evenings. While working overtime is something you may not like, the salary offered to civil engineering graduates will surely motivate you to build a career in civil engineering.

Depending on the organisation, civil engineering graduates can expect to earn approximately £23,500 per year. Once you have some civil engineering work experience, your salary will increase, and can be even higher if you combine it with project management skills or experience. Completing an engineering degree in civil engineering, civil and environment engineering or civil and construction engineering is generally required to become a civil engineer in the UK. A number of universities in offer civil engineering graduate programs. The best universities for civil engineering in UK include Imperial College London, Cambridge, Bath, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Southampton, Bristol, and Newcastle.

In the UK, the chances of getting a civil engineering job after university are good as a lot of construction activity is going on in the country and there is a shortage of people in the role.{eluceoshare}

If you’ve just completed a degree in civil engineering you’ll be glad to know that many civil and structural engineering companies in UK offer graduate development programs that help fresh civil engineering graduates to gain useful skills/knowledge and build their career. These roles are typically advertised on company websites, university job boards and online job boards like British Engineering Jobs. This also occurs in other countries such as in Australia.

Provided you do the right things, put in the hard work and continuously self improve, a long and successful civil engineering career is the least you can expect. 

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