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In order to find a new career you enjoy, you don’t have to step down from your role immediately and start all over again, instead your time can be used wisely in researching the best career for you. One of the ways that you can do this is to take on a ‘branching project’. This is a project which can be taken on either inside or outside of work (or studying) which offers you the ability to experiment around your existing career.

Branching projects can include:

  • Work shadowing to understand the day-to-day activities of your chosen career
  • Volunteering to understand an industry you’ve yet to be involved in
  • Taking a training courses/online course to get an idea of the software your new job might involve
  • Developing a blog or website for a business idea you have
  • Taking on a project at work to help understand a different side of the business

For more information on online courses, our database offers a range for you to choose from. 

You can undertake a couple of branching projects for each career idea you are interested in.

The branching project process is not a quick one. However this small number relatively unrisky steps which lead to big results and can give you a firm idea of what career you actually want.

For each project, write down what you learnt from them. Did you enjoy them? What there one you specifically enjoyed? Which project gave you the most flow? In what specific tasks did you feel the most flow? What more would you like to learn as a result of these projects? Are there projects that are a better fit for you, your values and your current lifestyle? 

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