The deadline is fast approaching for university applications but there are just so many universities to choose from. Don't know whether you would prefer a city or suburban uni or whether an ancient or modern institution would best suit you? Take our test to find out...

What is Your Ideal University?

Traditional City University

You would suit a classic victorian city university such as Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham or Leeds. You are a strong believer in working hard and playing hard and these Unis have great nightlife but excellent teaching facilities too. These traditional city universities will give you the proper, full on student experience but living in a city also gives you the chance to make friends outside of Uni and escape being a student every now and again.

London University

You would fit perfectly in one of the London Unis, such as LSE, Kings, UCL, Imperial or Queen Mary’s. You are after a good degree and are willing to work hard for it and these universities are some of the best in the country. You’re also in the capital city so there’s great nightlife and loads of culture. You won’t get such an immersive student experience but that’s not really your bag anyway.

Arts University

You are very creative and artistic so you will fit in best at one of the UK’s arts universities. Universities like the Glasgow School of Art, Central St Martins or University of Brighton will offer you courses that allow you to flex your creative muscle and meet like minded people. They offer a great university experience but one that is a little more sophisticated than downing pints with the rugby lads! These universities also tend to be located in culturally thriving cities so there will be loads for you to do and see.

Ancient University

You want the best degree the UK has to offer so you’re best fit is one of the ancient universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Durham or St Andrews. You are willing to work really hard at uni but you are also looking for a traditional university experience. The camaraderie of living, working and eating together with your course mates in a college would suit you down to the ground. You can get stuck in to all of the amazing sports and creative clubs the university offers and will enjoy heading down to the pub with your mates afterwards.

Modern Suburban University

Your ideal university would be one of the 1960s suburban universities, such as Warwick, York, Sussex or Exeter. You are after a great university experience and can’t wait to get stuck in to living in halls and making new friends. The close campus community here will therefore suit you down to the ground. These universities offer you access to great nightlife and culture but are surrounded by calm and beautiful countryside. They are mostly in smaller, more picturesque cities meaning you will really get to know every part of the area in which you live.

Modern City University

University is mostly about fun for you. You want to be right in the midst of the action so are best suited to a modern city uni like Manchester Metropolitan University, Nottingham Trent or Oxford Brookes. These unis are right in the city centre giving you easy access to nightlife and the arts and music scenes. The workload may be a lighter but you’ve still got access to fantastic modern facilities and hundreds of clubs and societies. I would call that a win-win!

What is your Ideal Weekend Away?

Chilling on the beach in Spain

Rushing around New York

Checking out the galleries in Paris or Barcelona

Book out a cottage in the English countryside with friends

Driving off to visit my friends

Clubbing in Berlin

What will be Your Perfect Uni Night Out?

Having a few pints in the local pub

Drinks in a trendy bar

Going to watch a cool new band

Seeing my favourite DJ

Hanging out in the students union

If there is dancing and alcohol involved, I’m there

How do you Spend your Free Time?

Going out or rehearsing with my band

Chilling out with friends

Painting and sketching

Reading and studying

Playing sports, practising with the school orchestra or rehearsing for the play.

I’m in the debating society, the chess club, the choir and I’m taking 6 A Levels, I don’t have any free time.

When you are at Uni, How Often will you Visit Home?

Most weekends

Once or twice a semester

Er never. I won't have any time!

How Many Hours a Week do You Spend on Homework?

1, 2, as little as I can get away with

Less than 10



As many as humanly possible

That depends, I’d spend days on my portfolio but homework? eugh

Where will you get most of your Meals at Uni?

In the dining hall of course

At nice independent cafes

Restaurants or occasionally from Waitrose or M&S


Hopefully I’ll make dinner with my flat every night

I dunno, I might cook or just pick up a sandwich somewhere

What are you Most Looking Forward to About Uni?

Getting away from home, meeting new people and having fun.

The University experience; living on campus and getting involved in everything.

The nightlife, 100%

Being able to explore my creativity

Learning from expert lecturers and living in an exciting new place

Getting an amazing degree

Which Festival Would you Most Like to go to?

Green Man



Secret Garden Party

T in the Park


Where will you Choose to Live in Third and Second Years?

Any where in the centre of the city

A studio flat would suit me

A cool warehouse apartment

Catered Uni Halls with all my Friends

A niceish student house with three or four friends

A massive student house with 10 or 12 of my friends

How Important is the name and reputation of your uni?

Not important at all

Not too important, I care more about the student satisfaction rating than anything else

It has got to have a good reputation for my course but I don't care about the "name"

It’s pretty important I want a degree that looks good

Very important

It’s the most important thing

At Uni you Most Want to Rub Shoulders with Future…

Prime ministers

Actors, musicians and cult figures

Artists and cultural icons

Leaders of international businesses

Journalists, politicians and activists

Entrepreneurs and leaders of social enterprises