The Christmas holidays are approaching and you need an excuse to get out of revision, preferably an excuse that pays. Having a little Christmas job can be really useful and jobs are always going to be available at this time of year because everywhere is so much busier. Here are a few Christmas job ideas:

1. Cafés


Image Credit: Neo_11/Flickr

These will be the best places to look, without a doubt, because everyone is going to want to escape the wintery weather and warm up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate! Also, as in restaurants, people around the holidays get more generous and can leave quite big tips which is always a bonus! 

2. Dog walking


Image Credit: Gareth Williams/Flickr 

As boring and unappealing it may sound to walk peoples dogs for hours in the cold, it can be a lot of fun. Or at least until the dog runs off and you can’t get it back. It pays well, especially if you walk more elderly people’s dogs, and you get to spend all day with cute, fluffy dogs, which is awesome! Obviously, if you don’t think dogs are cute and fluffy, this is not the job for you.

3. Shop assistant


Image Credit: Steve Cadman/ Flickr

Working for a high street retailer, like Topshop, New Look, Primark etc, can be useful, easy work, average pay and the hours are usually quite good. Over Christmas these places will be looking for loads of extra staff, meaning you probably won’t need loads of experience. Plus you may get a staff discount making buying your family/friends’ Christmas presents much easier (cheaper!).

4. Paper boy/girl


Image Credit: Joanne Bourne/ Flickr

This job is great because it’s only in the morning - usually quite early unfortunately - but giving you the rest of the day free. All you have to do is organise the papers and hand them out. This may seem like quite an outdated job and these jobs are quite rare, but if you live in a village your local village shop might be looking for someone and they won’t require any experience or anything.

5. Cashier in a supermarket


Image Credit: Walmart/ Flickr 

This is a good job to have in a busy period, as you will do plenty of shifts and they will definitely be looking for extra temporary staff. The pay, although basic, will add up to quite a lot if you’re willing to work at awkward times because supermarket jobs are some of the only ones that pay good overtime rates.

6. Kitchen porter


Image Credit: Peapod Labs/ Flickr 

As rubbish as this job sounds, it is so much more fun than you think. Fancy restaurants might not want to hire on an extra KP without experience but country pubs are usually happy to take on people in these jobs. Especially at Christmas time when are are so many more customers and plates that need washing.The best thing about being a KP is that the dishwasher does most of the washing anyway! Also you get to enjoy all the banter in the kitchen and on top of the basic wage you get a share of the restaurant’s tips. Having said this, you may need to peel about 200 potatoes a day.

7. Fast food restaurant server


Image Credit: Mike Mozart/ Flickr

Whether it is McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC or anywhere else, fast food chains will definitely be hiring around Christmas time. Think of all that extra trade they will get from drunk/ hungover people after their office parties! These jobs aren’t too hard to get and you could probably snag a bit of free food whilst you’re at it (just don’t eat too much).

8. Pubs/Restaurants/Bars


Image Credit: TopRank Online Marketing/ Flickr

Bar work obviously has it’s restrictions. Namely, that you need to be 18 or over, and this is not a job where lying about your age is going to get you anywhere other than serious trouble. Bar work can be a lot of fun but can also be tiring, especially if you are doing it in a club. Having said this, bars and restaurants will definitely be looking for extra staff over Christmas and this may be one of the only chances to snag a bar job without years of experience. Also around Christmas time the tips tend to be amazing, on some shifts you may almost double your wages. Working in a restaurant is best for this and you only have to be 16. Best of all, if you work in a bar or pub that serves food, you will get staff meals so you won’t even spend any money.

9. Office or reception


Image Credit: John Jacobi/ Flickr 

Often you will need some sort of previous office experience for this. Work experience that school set up for you may be enough though. This is not a typical Christmas job but it is something you can do part time. Also, certain companies do get a lot busier over Christmas, meaning they have to take on extra staff. Offices and call centres for big retailers, like Amazon, might be a good place to check. These tend to be not the most exciting jobs but it does look good on your CV to have had some office-based experience. 

10. And finally…..Charity shops


Image Credit: Howard Lake/ Flickr

Working in a charity shop is usually an unpaid, volunteer job but what better time to do something for charity than Christmas? Also it can be so much fun. You spend the day rummaging through stuff that people have brought in and you will continually hear the phrase “oh my gosh remember these?” Whether you’re going through old clothes and dodgy teacups or games you played as a child, it will always be a laugh. Also have some experience with working in a shop will help you gain communication and organisation/time keeping skills, as well as helping you gain a full time job at a bigger retailer later on.