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On the TED stage, Psychologist Barry Schwartz argues that the freedom of choice has not made us freer but more paralysed, and that too much choice can reduce overall happiness.

When looking for an ideal career, the number of possible pathways can be bewildering and because of this we worry about regretting making a bad choice which leads us to making no decision at all and keeping us in our current unfulfilling career. 

He offers two main suggests to help you through this:

1. Limit your options e.g. when go shopping make a rule that you only visit 3 shops.

2. ‘Satisfice more and maximise less’ e.g. rather than aiming for that perfect pair of jeans, buy the pair that is ‘good enough’.

Parallel Universes

In this way, you should imagine 5 parallel universes in which could have whole years off to pursue any career you desired. Think of 5 different jobs you might want to try in each of these universes. 

You could be a social worker on the front line, a chef opening up a new Italian restaurant or looking after a remote island off the coast of New Zealand. 

They should range from possible to adventurous. What attracts you to them? Will you find flow in them? Do they live up to what’s most important to you in a career? Do you get to use your skills and talents?

You should then focus on finding out more about your 5 careers to identify whether any of them are suitable, whether they are achievable and how you go about obtaining your first wrung on the ladder. In this way, you will have made sure that you've both had your pick or careers out there, and chosen not to be disappointed by not becoming something outside your 5 parallel lives. 

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