Content Writer

Times are changing for professional services and that is great news for the budding writers of the new generation. Traditional marketing methods that the older fashioned industries are so used to are becoming less effective due to the way in which tech is changing. More people and companies are now reliant on online success through resources and web searches to attract or secure their customers.

As a result, we’ve seen a big shift in company structures and we can see that the content takeover is here. If you’re like me and you’ve come from a content background this is great news for your future career or side freelance work for enjoyment. Now, to attract the attention of the people that are looking for the solutions a company provides, it’s necessary to create useful and educational content that tells them what they want or need to know. With digital marketing changing, it’s now essential to competing through all forms of marketing such as SEO, outreach or PPC where content is key. Up until now, companies have been relying on their staff to write their own articles or website content but in reality, it’s not that straightforward as it needs more planning and if this isn’t their 9 to 5, they’re not going to be overly committed to creating something great. This is where a writer comes in and here’s how they can help professional services.

Show You’re the Leader in Your Field

With a content writer producing well thought out materials you can go into more depth with your copy to demonstrate to your clients just how qualified you are. Helpful posts that pass on useful knowledge and demonstrate expertise are the way forward. While a buyer is in the research stage, you need to educate and assist. Yes, it can initially seem daunting to give away your "secrets", but don’t be afraid to demonstrate to potential clients that you have the authority and expertise to rise above your competitors. A content writer can craft blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, case studies and delve deeply into topics about your company and your wider industry. They can consider the most common questions posed by your customers and look at the latest trends and updates. The investigative skills of a good writer can be applied to researching topics and interviewing customers and staff. It’s not about giving away your secrets but it’s about establishing the company as the leader in the field. If you look at legal services, consultants or chartered surveyors, these are all industries that have a lot to offer in terms of information but they tend to want to keep things brief on the site and then they will give more away when an enquiry is made. The change now, however, is that with so much information readily available to searchers, they’re not going to inquire if they can just go somewhere else to find what they’re looking for. They need great content that will tick the box for the user, show that the company knows their stuff and then the enquiry will come.

Social Media 

The rise of social media over the last decade has made traditional services pay attention. We know that social cannot function without content as if you don’t have any, what do you have to post? Once you have a writer creating consistent content, social media becomes a powerful tool. You can share your blog posts, company news or industry insights etc. across various platforms, thereby further extending your reach and influence. Popular platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, have proven their worth to professional services marketing; however, depending on your company and industry, there may be other, more specific forums you can join and participate in, giving you more opportunities to promote your content to the right audience.

The benefits of social media to a business are many, but they only come from sharing well-written content that is useful, helpful and of real benefit to the reader. If you consider how many businesses across the world are making this jump, it makes a demand for writer roles even greater.

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