Are you one of those who loves stationery, coloured pens and post-it notes? Well, look no further, you're in luck - here is the ultimate blog post for you to drool over. 



Image Credit: Studyinghelp/ Tumblr

Organised Desk, Organised Mind! 



Image credit: Needstudymotivation/ Pinterest

Notepads, pens, stickers, post it notes. Make sure you've got it all!



Image credit: Studyinghelp/ Tumblr

Flashcards are quick, fun and you can take them everywhere.



Image Credit: Ilovecharts/ Tumblr

As impressive as this drawing is, do not spend loads of time doing these becasue you're just wasting time! Unless of course your doing art and science!



Image credit: Mindmaps/ Pinterest

Mindmaps are great, loads of condensed information on one page which is always helpful!



Image Credit: Studyinghelp/ Tumblr



Image Credit: Reviseordie/ Pinterest

Colourful pens and quote cards always helpful, usually fun to make!



Image Credit: theorganizedcoyote/ Pinterest

This is cool but way too much information on one page and is too confusing!



Image Credit: Studyinghelp/ Tumblr

This is intense!!



Image Credit: Studyinghelp/ Tumblr

Don't get obsessed with using all different colours and having a structure on it all becasue you will end up becoming obsessed with the focus of colour coordination rather than the subject you are supposed to be revising.



Image Credit: Reviseordie/ Pinterest

Notebooks full of mindmaps and condensed notes are going to be really useful.



Image Credit: Jemimaisnotaverage/ Pinterest

Wall posters are always helpful, just put them on a wall you're actually going to look at! Do not stick it on the back of the door and then always have the door open so it will never be seen!



Image Credit: Successobsessed/ Pinterest

This so packed of information it would be impossible to revise from, though beneficial from making it!


Image Credit: Studyinghelp/ Tumblr


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