Anyone looking for a job here's some top interview tips:


Always remember the job that you're applying for...

I forgot the name of my profession lol #interviewfails

— Daria Vlasova (@DariaDVlasova) June 9, 2015


Go into an interview with a positive attitude but don't go in crazy...


 Image Credit: Memeguy

If it is your final interview, well done for getting to this stage, but it's not yours just yet. Stay modest but at the same time talk yourself up,don't come across cocky, arrogant, or smug.


It's always better to meet face to face...

Had a phone interview. Had a cold. The interviewer thought I was a man. #interviewfails #sickday #confused #notaman #neededaricola— Failed Interview (@interview_fails) May 27, 2015


Look Sharp...


Don't be too honest...


But don't bullshit...


Maintain a Professional Demeanour....





And don't be Sarcastic!


Written by Harriet Walton for ELUCEO

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