In order for your company to be successful, you need to make sure your staff are up-to-date in the latest techniques, technology and skills. By motivating them to develop themselves and increase their knowledge you can up-skill your workforce and increase your business success at the same time. 

Without training, you’ll lose business to companies that have taken the time and effort to invest in their employees, while training your staff will unlock their potential and create a valuable, motivated workforce with improved skills and the confidence to really make a difference. Some of the benefits you'll see include:

Improved performance of your employees - up-skilling will mean that your staff are properly trained to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities. In turn, they’ll be quicker at completing their work resulting in higher productivity and, therefore, success. 

Improved the staff retention - Staff turnover is a real and very costly problem in many industries. By investing wisely in the right training and development, employees will feel as though they have the opportunity to grow and develop within the company and, if they feel that the company has a vested interest in their grow, they’ll feel more loyal towards the company.

Diversifed employee skills - Training and upskilling can give your employees an increased and more diverse skill set, so they can take on additional responsibilities and fill in for their colleagues in times of need. 

Improved employee morale - When an employee realises that a company is willing to spend money and effort on improving their skills they will be motivated to work harder as they feel valued. With their new skills they’ll feel more job satisfaction and job security which means he’ll contribute more to organizational success and development. 

Help in planning for the future - Training can be used as an effective tool for planning and control. You can develop the skills of your workers with your future plans in mind, which will save you time and money in the long run. 

Time and money savings - Although up-skilling might sound like a cost, it’s in fact an investment as it creates all the benefits stated above and is a better long-term solution for your organisation and far outweigh the upfront costs. 

Going Online

Moocs (massive open online courses) are an easy and efficient way to up-skill your employees; there are no fees and you can read course materials, listen to lectures, watch videos and take tests from just about anywhere on the planet. Many are self-paced so your employees can learn around their other commitments. Plenty of places offer online courses, from university and companies (e.g. Pearson and Microsoft) to individuals with experience in a specific area. 

If you've no idea where to start, Eluceo offers the ability to search online courses and courses you might be interested in for your workplace include:



   Project Management: The Basics for Success





  Data-Driven Marketing: Leveraging Big Data for Your Business





  Accounting - Understanding Receivables and Payables




  Adobe After Effects


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