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When producing written content, you have to ensure that it’s plagiarism free. In that, you may not introduce new ideas from the source content, but it has to be original. Many times paraphrasing works.

It is where you replace the original words in the content with their synonyms. However, when you need to rewrite your essay, it takes more than mere paraphrasing to produce high-quality content.

Here, you need to write the ideas from the source, in your own words. Using an online reworder tool may come in handy in your rewording woes. The following is what you need to do:

1. Reread to understand the material

You won’t be able to rewrite a document effectively, without a proper understanding of its message. Find out the meaning of the words you do not understand. Identify the ideas of the author.

If you don’t get it the first time, reread it, until you do.

2. Take Notes

When you rewrite an essay, you need to retain the meaning or message of the source. It’s not just exchanging the original words with their synonyms. Note down the main points of the source material.

Highlight the phrases that you need to maintain as the original, in your notes, too. 

3. Identify your target audience

Any content is effectual, only if it’s directed to the proper audience. Also, materials defer in delivery, structure, rules, and more, depending on its target audience. Your familiarity with who the target audience is will guide you on the optimal approach to take.

It will also help you identify what you need to achieve in the essay.

4. Start with a catchy introduction

It is what will help you captivate the audience or lose them. Begin with information that’s relevant to the essay. If it’s engaging, you will be able to lure the reader down the rabbit hole as the piece takes shape, word after word. 

5. It’s the ideas that matter

When you need to rewrite an article, it is important to note that, the thoughts are what count. Rather than trying to emulate the methods, or wording used by the writer, put your focus on the opinions of the paper

Try to get the message the writer is trying to convey. Then, write it down in your own words.

6. Work paragraph by paragraph

The best article rewriter may reword content, sentence by sentence. However, when you are doing the work by yourself, it is advisable to read chunks of information before trying to reword it.

It is so because when you take in little bits of information, e.g. a sentence, chances are high, you will write it word for word.

7. Spice it up with your ideas

You don’t need to rely on the source when you have an article to rewrite. It’s okay to add your unique ideas that may come as you work on it. Include it, if it will improve the text and only if its’ relevant to the essay question.

It may be what separates your essay from others. You can also express thoughts that disagree with the opinion of the author.

8. Use your own words

As highlighted earlier, your focus should be on the ideas of the source material and not the words. Let your notes guide you on the key points that you need to include in your article. As you do this, don’t forget the reason for rewriting the content and the type of audience.

9. Rearrange content

To make a piece unique, you may need to do more than just rephrasing and rewording the content. Try to change the order of the original content. Ensure that there’s a flow in your thoughts.

Also, remember not to veer away from the intended meaning of the original copy.

10. Compare both materials

It is an essential step in rewriting articles. It will help you identify the key ideas that you may have left out. Watch out for phrases that may need to revise, especially if you copied them as they are in the original text.


Rewriting content can seem challenging, at first. However, you need to try and get the primary and exact message of the source, then try to write it in your own words. Remember, it is the ideas that count.