Rope bridge across the rainforest

A year off can be great. You can relax, spend some time finding out what you’re really like and what you’re aiming for in life. If you know that university can wait one more year, or you have finished university and you’re not quite ready to start working, then a gap year abroad is definitely an option. Here are a few reasons why:


1. Try new cuisine

You make like a Chinese takeaway but how about munching down on a barbequed cricket silkworms

 Barbequed cricket silkworms

Image Credit: Stevenj/ Wikicommons


2. Taste some strange alcohol

Snake-soaked rice wine always goes down a treat.

 Snake-soaked rice wine in glass bottles

Image Credit: genghiskhanviet/ Wikicommons 


3. Take awesome pictures

Pose in front of the most of the most beautiful monuments across the world.

 The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Image Credit: Stuart Caie/ Flickr


4. Meet interesting people

Make some new friends along the way and have some fun.

A groupd of backpackers walking the coast

Image Credit: melanienacouzi/ Wikicommons


5. Make your Instagram account look awesome

Take some pictures of sunsets, add a few filters and BAM get 50+ likes!

 A sunset on the beach

Image Credit: frontierofficial/ Flickr


6. See the world

Find out how the other half live.

 10 reason to take a gap year travelling image 6

Image Credit: s Migay/ Unsplash


7. Get away from your parents

Everyone needs time away from their parents, so why not go as far as the Cambodian jungle?

 Looking up at trees in a rainforest


8. Develop a new skill

Knowing how to avoid pedestrians on a moped will one day come in handy. 

 A busy South East Asian street filled with people on mopeds


9. Get a tan

It’s never winter in Indonesia

Three young females sunbathing on a beach

Image Credit:  Lady May Pamintuan/ Flickr


10. See animals in their natural habitats

In some places you can even ride an ostrich.

A young woman riding an ostrich

Image Credits: Jacopo Werther/ Wikicommons