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Amanda Forster came from a family of bankers and financial analysts. It was a big move for her when she decided to take up a career in freelancing. After going through the initial setbacks and struggles, she began to gain ground as an expert. And success didn’t take long to come her way. Today, she boasts of an amazing portfolio. 

Freelancing is one of the most rewarding professions you could opt for. It offers a great amount of independence, freedom and control over your own career. The following are some reasons why students should consider freelancing as a career option. 

1. A perfect outlet to show your skills

If you are a web developer blessed with a skill, don’t undermine your talent. Remind yourself that there is no dearth of people who require your expertise. You can leverage it to become successful in your freelancing career. 

If you choose a freelancing career, you’d be opting for a rather young industry where demand has always outweighed supply. Businesses and organisations are always searching for credible and efficient freelancers, and if you’re one of them, you’ll never have to worry about lack of opportunities. 

2. You won’t have to conform to the corporate culture

Good freelancers can liaise with different teams, working practices and corporate cultures. Even if you’re under a long-term contract with an organisation, you’re still outside the normal organisational structure. This means you’ll rarely be invited to pointless meetings. You’ll also not be subjected to tedious assessment processes. You won’t have to indulge in office politics or power games.

And the most unusual benefit of becoming a freelancer is everyone listens to you. Oddly, people often have faith in independent advisers over and above their own employees. 

3. Get paid on time 

Freelancing often presents a winding and complicated process of getting paid. Agree with your client on clauses when you will be paid, how often you'll receive your fee and the method of payment.

Invoicing is the ideal way to carry out your payment process, but you need to be consistent with this method in order to avoid chasing payments. There are a plethora of professional invoice templates available online to help you get started. 

4. No bosses breathing down your neck

Having a freelance career is like having your own business. Think of it as a business. If you opt for a freelancing career, you will not have to answer to a superior, or worse, work for someone you don’t like. You are in charge of your time, your schedule, your clients. All of it. 

While this may appear as a challenge for some, it’s actually quite wonderful. You can decide which clients you’ll work for within your virtual space and plan the hours when you’re on and off the clock.  Basically, you make the rules in the freelancing world.

5. Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere

The beauty of pursuing a freelancing job is that you dictate where you work as long as you get the job done. It could be coffee shops, hotel rooms, or even basements. 

In fact, this is where lies the major difference between a freelancer and a full-time employee of an organisation. Freelancers can fix the time and place to work according to their convenience. This is a luxury for an employee working within a traditional work setup.

Today, it’s normal for freelancers to become “digital nomads” or location-independent workers. They choose to work wherever they please and have the option to change the location at regular intervals.

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6. Your hard work will reward you

An employee is provided with a set remuneration. While they may be eligible for the occasional bonus, much of it depends on how other people work, too. If you’re a regular employee of an organisation which makes no money, you still get paid. 

On the other hand, freelancers get paid for the work they do, the efforts they put in and the results they produce. The more they work, the more they get paid. As a freelancer, every bit of work you do benefits you and only you.  The money’s yours.

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7. You can forget the 40hrs week

As a regular employee, you might have to put in 40 hours per week or more in your workplace. But when you opt for freelancing, you will definitely be able to maintain a better work-life balance. In fact, you might even find that that you only need to put in 20 hours to complete your work and cover your basic expenses. 

Once you reach your monthly target, you can decide if you want to work further. 

8. Freelancing provides an opportunity to build your network

The importance of networking to maintain the prosperity of your career cannot be denied. Freelancing opens the gateway for you to build your network. With each project you work on, your network grows.

There are many platforms that offer help to students to make some money, understand employee life and career demands. These platforms also let the employers get to explore the talent of the students who might otherwise be just another applicant in a pile of resumes. So, joining the freelance bandwagon means you get to enjoy a broader level of exposure. 

9. You can enjoy unmatched job security

Sure, freelancing comes with ups and downs, but so does any other regular job. As long as you keep at it, in the long run, you'll have total control over your future and your earnings. That’s far better than working for an ungrateful employer who can, at any moment, tell you that the organisation—the same one you’d given your precious time to—suddenly thinks you’re no longer fit to serve.

This statement might come across as too obvious, but no job in the world can provide complete assurance of safety. So, even though freelancing may not be any different at least, you're a freelancer, you have some control over your own destiny. That way, you won't have to be at the mercy of your employer or stay put at a thankless job. 

10. You get to do what you love 

Most successful freelancers pursue what they love. In fact, they are successful because they love what they do. Freelancing offers you great pride in a job well done. Making your clients happy is a thrill. Seeing them turn to you time and again for more work is incredibly satisfying. 

Think about it, why else would you put yourself through the prolonged working hours and difficulties of freelancing without doing what you love? So, even though there are difficulties in pursuing a freelancing job, the best part is you are doing exactly what you want in order to earn a living. Things can’t get any better than that.

You may be in search of a productive, flexible, and enjoyable way to fund your way through college. Or, you may dream of a full-time career as a freelancer. All you need to do is identify your unique talents and then share them with the world. That way, when you start working as a freelancer, you will have a smile on your face and money in your wallet.