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Revision is ridiculously boring. End of. It will never get much more interesting unless you’re revising about your favourite TV show or revising the reason of why the Kardashians are so famous!


However there are a few ways to brighten up the day when revising.


Colourful pens.

The lids of colourful fineliners

Image Credit: Siegrid Saldana/ Flickr

Writing out your notes again with a few colourful pens can be helpful. Writing keywords, phrases or symbols with a different coloured pen is always more interesting. Buying yourself a new pack of fancy colourful pens will give you a motive to revise because you will want to use them, and you may actually get your work down. Colour has been scientifically proven to help people remember things.



Black and white image of studying tips

Image Credit: Reviseordie/ Tumblr

If you have big diagrams, symbols, or equations of chemical formulas that your teacher has threatened that you MUST know for the exam, then posters are definitely the way to go. Drawing up a big poster for you to stick on your wardrobe or somewhere you will definitely notice it. You will subconsciously remember it just from seeing it so often.


Play games with a load of mates.

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Image Credit: Timon Studler/Unsplash License

You may instantly shoot this down and say we’ll never get any work done if we play a game, then you are entirely wrong. If you create a game specifically for the subject you’re revising and include fun in it, then you might actually want to play. Create a game in the style of something like The Weakest Link with tennis balls, every time someone gets a question wrong they have a ball thrown at them. This way you’re literally hitting them with information. It can be a ball of laughs.


Loads of little drawings and diagrams.

Scientific diagram of a bloof clot in the brain

Image Credit: ConstructionDealMkting/ Flickr

Drawing pictures or diagrams alongside your work that will help you or be distinctive to you and help you remember everything you need to. Do not copy anyone else’s pictures because they not make sense to you and this will be a waste of time. Make everything individual to you and remind yourself often of what each picture or diagram is representing. This may be helpful to you but it may also not be.


Make a quiz and give yourself little rewards.

 Black question mark in a circle

Image Credit: wikicommons

Make yourself quiz cards with the question on one side and the answer on the other. For each question you get right reward yourself with a sweet or something, for every question you get wrong, put to one side to try again later. For the ones you’ve forgotten you will definitely remember again because you will want to reward yourself.


Make up a song.

 Guitar and notebook

Image credit: Adrian F/ Flickr

As cheesy as it sounds it does work. Miley Cyrus did it in her exams and she did well! Choose a song with an easy tune and write some lyrics depending on the subject you need to revise for. This sounds harder than it is. Plus there’s probably a few already on the internet. Make them as catchy as possible because that will make it much easier to remember.


Youtube Videos.

 The Youtube logo in a film strip

Image Credit: Pixabay

Although this is risky and can be distracting there are loads of videos out there created purely for revision purposes. There is a whole range of videos ranging from someone singing all about the cells in a leaf to acting out key facts you need to know for history in a funny way that will help you remember.



 Close up of four highlighters

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First rule of highlighting: DO NOT HIGHLIGHT THE WHOLE BOOK! People get way to confused about what they’re supposed to highlight. You should only be highlighting key facts, dates, names or something that is absolutely crucial to know. You do not need to highlight the whole paragraph because all the happens is you get a completely neon coloured page which you end up spending the whole thing reading again. Use them sparingly and colour code your work. For example, highlight dates in orange, names in yellow, places in pink etc.


Take fun breaks.

 Man's feet up on a desk in front of a black desktop computer

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It will make you look forward to working  and want to get your work done before each fun 15 minute break every hour or so. It has been proven that if you work for over 40 minutes your attention span and your concentration will break and you’ll get badly distracted for longer than you planned. If you do 40-45 minutes of intense work on a specific subject or topic then take a 15 minute break to grab a snack, check your phone, stretch your legs and watch a few funny cat videos on youtube then you will be much more willing to work. But be strict on yourself, don’t keep thinking “oh yeah I’ll just take a few more minutes break” because by the time you know it, you’ve only done 40 minutes of work in a 12 hour day because you’ve been so caught up in your break.


Post it Notes

Yellow post-it notes stuck onto a wall

Image Credit: Gabriel toro/ Flickr 

Everyone loves a post it note, they come in all funky colours and really fun to stick on things. If you write down a fact or something you need to learn and then stick on something you will see often and just associate it with when you remember it in an exam.