Female student with her head in her hands over her desk of books

Education serves as the key to success for any individual who does not have alternative paths in life for achieving their desired heights. The different skill sets produced through education depend on the set of choices which an individual acquires in the course of study and specialisation. Renowned educationists have always stated that the path for gaining knowledge remains thin and long with obstacles as well highs and lows that mound students to professionals.

The PhD indeed serves as a satisfying entitlement for the vast knowledge acquired by a student in the process of PhD research findings. Despite the great envision brought about by undertaking a PhD, there exist groups of individuals who remain misguided by society concepts and ideologies regarding the accreditation of the higher education learning.

The list below serves as an indicator of the misconceptions and myth that surround the acquisition of PhD which remain misguided.

A PhD means Intelligence

It remains evident from history that great revolutionists and scientist such as Albert Einstein all acquired PhDs to match their credentials and their great inventions that shaped the world. Society perceives that individuals with PhDs work on a different level compared to the other slightly literate and illiterate people.

This line of thinking remains outrageous, and from the onset of your PhD such writing a PhD proposal, your worth will need determination through the diligence you put down and the fruits as a result of your research.

Moreover, by the mere fact that you have acquired a doctorate and ready to pursue a PhD programme, you remain intelligent in the eyes of people, and hence you need to put in more effort towards the study.

A PhD requires inventions

In the present world, society demands a lot from students undertaking PhDs to exhibit their set of skills through designs and brilliance in a constant apprise. Nonetheless, the ideas of inventions in the mind of the students overshadows the pride that comes along with the completion of PhD study and the title on the name of the student.

These perceptions remain mythical and do not add more value to the education systems and the passing of knowledge to generations.

Alternatively, showcasing your brilliance to the world does not occur as the worse action, instead focus needs to be put towards Ph.D. studies and when times comes you may share your knowledge.

Your PhD thesis must include uninvited ideas

The world of inventions accepts new ideas on to how to make life easier while the PhD programme works similarly although with slight variances when presenting the thesis. It remains untrue that for PhD students they need to come up with a new hypothesis for their studies and introduce new ideas to the panel of examiners.

The vital aspect of undertaking the PhD studies remains to acquire knowledge that may help in making past ideas better or even more interestingly, introduce new concepts through theses.

The vital aspect of the PhD thesis is that you need not always to introduce utterly new dissertation but instead you can perfect old theories to remove its weaknesses and setbacks. 

University rankings define PhD study

The amount of pressure put on students from their early childhood education creates a mentality on the level of education gets measured and goes up to PhD studies institutions. The internet platforms provide room to develop rankings for schools through the analysis of institutions quality of education and the PhD operations research online.

The little truth about rankings remains that some institutions teach better than another while for the case of PhD studies student effort defines its quality. 


The consequences of myths surrounding the study of PhD studies have a significant impact on the students researching since theses myths shape the decisions made by students. The student needs to be unique and prevent themselves from persuasion to act in line with these tales.