4 reasons why its time to consider a portfolio career

With 320,000 people in the UK having a ‘side hustle’ - a second self-employed job why don’t you join the 65% of millennials considering taking on one alongside your day-to-day work?

Here are just four great reasons why a portfolio career might be right for you:

1. There’s no such things as a perfect job

You may have in mind your ideal scenario of what a perfect career might look like, but unfortunately that’s very hard to find. If your career gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself  on a day-to-day basis, it might not give you opportunities to spend time with friends and family outside of work. Whilst if your career gives you the ability to see the impact you have on those society, it might not give you the opportunity to live close to your workplace and you might find your days are spent sitting on a train and getting to your workplace.

By not tying you down to one position, portfolio careers let you create that perfect environment by meeting your needs through different projects. You might combine a more high-paying position with another that offers creativity, growth or personal meaning, which might also mean that you have more time for your friends and family. 

2. Are you a multipotentialite?

A multipotentialite is a person who is curious and interested in a number of different subjects, which are often not be related to one another. Because if this, they might find it hard to settle into a specific career or may have a number of distinctive careers over their lifetime. For a great introduction to multipotentiality, see Emile Wapnick’s TEDx talk on the subject:

If you find it difficult to decide on your future career and are torn between several options or you start delving into a subject only to find yourself distracted by a new one, then you might just be a multipotentialite.

Portfolio careers are a great option for multipotentialites because they let individuals play on the fact that they get bored easily and like to have their fingers in many pies.

3. Work-life integration

As your priorities change, maintaining a portfolio career means that your career can change accordingly. For example, in your twenties, it’s likely that you’ll want to gain as much work experience as possible, and perhaps live in a city to do this. Whilst in your thirties you might want to take a step back and focus on your family life. What’s important to you at these times will be different, and having a portfolio career offers you the ability to focus on each value at the right time, while reducing the risk of you not being able to work entirely or doing what you love. 

4. Spreading the risk

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rely on some industries being available in the future to gain employment. Much like spreading the risk in your savings and investments, a portfolio career offers you the chance to spread the risk in your career. Therefore if you find that your side hustle didn’t do as well as you hoped in the last quarter, or you’ve been made redundant from one of your positions, you won’t be left with nothing, but will have the ability to stand on your own two feet whilst you work your way through the crisis.

A portfolio career also allows you to gain a number of different skills. Therefore if you are primarily in an industry that’s facing multiple redundancies and you do need to pivot, you’ll be able to do so much more quickly and demonstrate to new employers that you have the necessary skills for the job.