Bed at a hotel room

Congratulations on receiving your university places and accepting your offer. The next hurdle that you still have to cross is to find suitable accommodation for yourself, if you haven’t already sorted that out. If you are an outsider, maybe from a different city or from a different country, you will have to be a bit particular about how to choose a suitable place to live.

You might as well have to encounter separate laws for yourself if you are an immigrant from a non-EU country. But all of that can be dealt later with after you figure out a place to live. Your university can help you find a place to reside as all universities has a student housing office that can provide you with a list of nearby accommodation providers such as student halls like Linthorpe Hall 248, private rentals or university halls and then you can go out for house hunting. Student housing have named trusted service providers and may also have a few with whom the university has formal ties. 

Since now you know what all options are available for you, it is time that you start to narrow down your options. For all those who have just stepped out of your house, it is going to an exciting start but for those who have already been living out, it is time to explore something new! There are a few things that you must keep in mind while you finalise a place for your stay during university. Let us see what are they.


This is the first and the most important aspect that you must consider while choosing your accommodation. If it is the first time that you are leaving your home and moving to a different city, then you must be extra cautious about the security of the premises and the safety that they have taken. Until and unless you are completely satisfied about the safety measures in the building, do not strike a deal.


Well, this should have technically been the first concern since money is the most important factor that will decide your place of residence. There will be add-ons in the rent for additional services like a gym membership, WiFi, cleaning services or any other such service that you would take up at your university hall or the rented flat which can seriously make or break your budget. 

Try and find places where you may get a few such services complimentaraily so that it does not burn holes in your pocket. Not only this, a problem can occur if you happen to damage anything in the building during your stay for which you will have to pay extra. So look out for places which provide with onsite maintenance. 


You do not want to spend time or money in travelling from your accommodation to the university campus daily. If you end up choosing a place that is far from your college, it will affect you monetarily. Make sure you find a place to stay close to the campus so that you can make the most of your college life. You would definitely not want to miss the morning lecture if you were partying till late at night with your new friends. It is preferable to find a flat close to the university campus so that you are in constant touch with what's going on.

Roommates and flatmates

The people you will live with will have a huge impact on your entire university life, therefore you must choose them wisely. In the first year of your time at the university, you will likely be living with strangers. Find a place where you can get the chance with whom you want to live so that there are a fewer conflicts.