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Many people are on the fence when it comes to undertaking an MBA degree. Some say it is a waste of time and does not guarantee any career improvements, while others cannot stop singing praises about how their lives changed after completing their MBA. In my honest opinion, education is never a waste of time and certainly not an MBA. If you want to be relevant in the business world, doing an MBA is only going to serve you well. Here are my top facts on why you should complete your MBA.

1. Managerial Skills

There are some skills you cannot learn in school, then there are valuable skills you can pick up during your studies. You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. This is going to help you going forward when you become a manager and further in your career. You will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best and be kept up to date with the latest technology. No one can ever take those skills away from you. I suggest you start working on that MBA statement of purpose now.

2. Networking

We all know the importance of networking in business and doing your MBA studies is a great place to start building that network. All your professors and classmates are going to be able to help you going forward. It could be from an information perspective or connecting you with more industry leaders. When doing your statement of purpose for your MBA, be sure to mention what your end goal is. You never know which readers can open doors for you.

3. Earning Potential

When you have an MBA degree, you put yourself in a higher salary bracket than your peers. Having an undergraduate business degree can also increase your earning potential, but it seems that an MBA will help you earn more. This is important because everyone is interested in growing as individuals and although money isn’t everything, it does help.

4. Business Opportunities

With all the skills and knowledge that you gain through doing your MBA, you are the perfect candidate to start a business. This is a proven fact, because the degree is mostly focused on business. You can start your own company and build it from the bottom up. If this is not for you, do your statement of interest internship and continue your experience further. Your knowledge will not fade if you want to give yourself more time to develop.

4. International Travel

An MBA degree can help you travel the world and work in some of the top countries if that is what you want to do. You are more marketable and companies would be delighted to have someone with your expertise work with them. The thought process of an MBA graduate is different from those without one. You are able to strategise and increase the earning capacity of a business. Businesses are looking for results and you have it in you to deliver.

5. Confidence

This is an important fact when it comes to completing your MBA. You are going to be so proud of yourself that your confidence will increase. In business there is nothing more important than belief in yourself. If you know that you have it in you to change companies and work at the top, then nothing can stand in your way. Your MBA is going to be attached to your name forever and no one can take it away because you have earned it.


I hope these facts encourage you to complete an MBA degree. There are no negatives in my books and the financial burden everyone talks about will eventually pay for itself. Good luck on your journey and I wish you only success.