Red road sign saying wrong way

Where do you see yourself on your graduation day? Are you glowing with happiness because of your successful academic accomplishments? Do you invite all your friends and family to share your glory? Are you excited? Or… are you filled with regret? Do you have thoughts of dread because deep down inside you know that the area of study you devoted years to is not your passion? 

Do you know that in the US more than half of university students have changed their degree before graduating at least once? An approximately a third of students throw their hands up in frustration and give up. This group of individuals regrets the degree they have chosen and no longer sees any sense in attending university.

There are two types of university graduate student: the excited one and the regretful one. Which are you? If you belong to the latter, here are some points to consider before making your next move:

When To Change Your Degree Subject

You are uninterested

There is nothing worse than spending endless hours in a lecture you hate, studying material that you have zero passion for. Are you in a chemistry lecture that bores you to tears? Are you dreading even the thought of going to lectures? If you rather surf the web during a seminar  than participating in it, you might want to consider changing your degree to something more enjoyable and close to your range of interests.

You don't know what you were thinking 

Are you constantly looking at your homework assignments thinking to yourself, "What did I get myself into?" If yes - you are ready for a change. First, assess your reasons for being in this situation. Why did you choose your subject? Is it because your parents wanted you to? Listen to your very own inner voice and see whether your degree subject lines up with your life strivings or not. Can you see yourself living with this career choice? Ask yourself these tough questions.

You are failing miserably 

At university, it is important to remain positive. You should never doubt your abilities. Always believe the best. However, if you are making all efforts but only find that you keep knocking at the locked door, it might be just the time to revise your situation. Are you wasting hours studying only to receive 40%? Are you constantly failing important exams? Do you actually think you are good at this? In addition to the prior tips, focus on your happiness levels while studying. Are you genuinely intrigued?

You keep dreaming of other majors

Do you find yourself researching other degrees and dreaming about studying something else? Perhaps you simply cannot let the idea go. Have you been fighting with the nagging thought to change your subject? Consider weighing out the pros and cons of a possible switch and chose the best option for you. 

You are really stressed

This may sound a bit strange, but if you are not stressed out, then you are probably not studying the degree for you. University studies can be difficult sometimes, and stress derives from using all of your energy on unrealistic amounts of work. That’s simply the road to success; it’s called effort. If after using all of your energy, you only retain a small percentage of understanding, the subject of studies you chose is null and void. You were not made for this and you should look for something that inspires you and seems to be your second nature.

So if you recognize any of mentioned above, it might be just the time to consider a career change. The best part about changing your degree right now is that you have your whole life ahead. If you change your degree now, you guarantee yourself happy years in university and later in your career. Do not let university mistakes become grounds for 'coulda, shoulda'. Take a bold risk for your future.