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Technology is widely used as a tool to support learning and teaching. Through these tools, there are expanded course offerings and students’ understanding increases and diversifies. These educational tools also boost motivation and engagement, accelerating learning in a new way of connected teaching.

Teachers gain access to more instructional materials, reduce costs and deliver a personalised learning experience for their students. Here are five advantages of students using technology in the classroom:

1. Defying Education Barriers

Online or virtual learning is one of the key benefits of technology in the classroom. Online learning is more flexible compared to traditional classes. Students from different locations can attend classes remotely. It also encourages face-to-face learning, and a more personal type of communication between teachers and students. Most courses are now available for students who can’t be in the classroom.

2. Easy Access to Resources

Open source education tools have been great help to students. Thanks to technology, these are available for free to anyone with access to the internet. From guides, e-books, video tutorials and free courses –these materials all benefit the student if put to good use. The use of technology inside the classroom makes learning fun and interactive through educational apps. Resources can be uploaded by the teacher online and can easily be accessed by students through a simple click.

3. Motivation

Studies show that with advanced technology, students become more engaged and more motivated to learn. Using computers and tablets is a lot easier because it’s fun. Teacher instructions become less vigorous. Studying with a computer makes the student feel like he or she is in control. Students can learn at their own pace with information presented in a more personalised way, based on their needs.

4. Learning & Writing

Technology also makes an impact with student’s learning and writing skills. Computer tools such as Microsoft Office & Adobe have become indispensable to students. Note-taking apps have also gone viral, Google, and built in dictionaries in mobile phones as well. BUSUU is a great app which helps students learn more languages. Students are encouraged by professors to make their own blogs and websites on WordPress and Blogger. This method improves students’ writing and nurtures their creative spirit.

5. Personalised Learning Experience

Technology is an amazing tool for group learning but is also apt for individual learning. Most, if not all, students can grasp information better when they’re alone than with a group. Apps and programs allow students to perfect their work at home or in their personal space, on their own.

There are still more benefits that students gain from technology, these are just a few of them. Generally, the main impact is that it has changed the students’ perception of studying as a chore, but a fun thing to do. If used and embraced properly, the potential and reach is limitless.

Farid Gasim is the founder of, the Middle East’s #1 Education Guide.