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Are you worried about where and how to start writing your dissertation? Well, it is no news that writing may not come with ease to all. Even so, there’s a significant difference in how you outline your arguments in academic writing as compared to any other type of writing.

The many and stringent rules that govern academic writing may lead to worry among students. But, there is light at the end of the dark and dreary tunnel of dissertation writing for students. The following tools will make your life easy: 

1. Mendeley

Before you start drafting your dissertation, you have to conduct extensive research in the area of interest. The study helps to give you a foundation to build your arguments or even support them. Finding a store for all the research can be difficult. 

With the Mendeley tool, you can save your research and refer to them at a later time. It also has features to use for citations, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting what content needs to be sited. You can also share your sources with others if you want to.

2. Essay Word Count

Some assignments come with further regulations of the number of words that one can use. You don’t have to worry about your word count while writing, especially if you aren’t using a MS Word document. Once you are through writing, paste your text and get the number of words used. 

You may need to cut back some of your arguments or add some flesh to them. It is also a useful tool when trying to find out your typing rate. You will be able to allocate enough time to your writing.

3. Boom Essays

As much as dissertation writers cannot be perfect, but one can produce top quality work. After writing the first draft and exhausting all your points, it is time to edit the document. You don’t want to submit a sub-standard paper.

The Boom Essays tool is an effective proofreading tool for use. Use it to polish your work before you submit it.

4. Document Preparation System

Are you having a difficult time grappling with the structure of your final dissertation draft? This tool will take over the structuring of your document as you focus on what to write. It helps you concentrate on outlining and elaborating on your arguments. 

It has features dedicated to producing quality scientific and technical documentation.

5. Sparrho

There will be moments when you won’t have the inspiration to write your thesis. The thought of hiring an academic ghostwriting service may even cross your mind. If you don’t have the resources to implement that, then you have to find inspiration and fast.

Using Sparrho tool will give you access to recent research carried out in your area of interest. You get access to relevant resources while at the same time, kick-start your imagination.

6. Citation Generator

You don’t want your nights and days of research, then, compiling a comprehensive document, be fruitless. In that, you are penalised for plagiarism. Since you will get useful content for your dissertation, from various sources, you should remember to cite them. 

This tool will help you with your citation challenges. It will help you generate a bibliography and cite the body of your text correctly.


If writing your dissertation feels like a nightmare, you should try using the above tools to make your work easier. Cite your sources properly to avoid plagiarism. Find inspiration from the latest research conducted in your area of interest.

You also don’t have to worry about the number of words you use, if you have to abide by a specified word limit. There are many other tools available for use. We give you a few to get you started. 

There’s no excuse for not working on your dissertation, now, is there?