Teacher working with secondary school students in a Design and Technology class

>In countless ways, re-introducing vocational education can benefit students. Vocational education can prepare young people for both skilled and lucrative careers by giving them practical skills and helping them become more productive.

There was a time when students received vocational education in the United States. Skills such as woodworking, welding, and cooking used to be part of the school curriculum. After the education system overhaul, there were separate academic and non-academic stream of students.

This new education system has missed an integral component of every student’s learning process. It missed the fact that each student have varied skill sets, strengths, and interests. Some kids are fit for university while others are simply not. Thus, many students who begin three-year university degrees don’t complete them - which just translates to wasted time and money.

More university graduates end up in jobs they could have had even without a degree. Most employed graduates are working for jobs where only college education is required.

Here are some of the reasons why vocational education should be a part of the curriculum:

1) Gain Practical Skills

Students will learn practical skills and knowledge which will be useful. These skills can be applied in daily life, at work, and at home. This can bring a huge amount of personal satisfaction, particularly for a generation that’s revolving around the new technology.

2) Immediate Employment

After finishing secondary school or college school, people can join the workforce early. They will not have to accumulate student loans or debts to continue studying. 

3) Fear culture

This certain “fear culture” is prevalent among schools. Teaching vocational education would help young people do things safely. They can use tools such as knives and stoves properly.

4) Active Members

Young people can become more active during vocational training. Instead of sitting and taking down notes, they will be active and move around in a hands-on setting. It is a healthier option and would lessen behavioural issues for kids as they will feel useful.

5) Uncommon Careers

People can have a wide range of careers which are uncommon. This could fill in the skill gaps and lower the country’s unemployment rate.

In the US, over a million jobs are empty because employers can’t find people to fill them. More and more businesses are struggling to find workers with the skills to man new machines and manage new processes.

6) Direction

Young people can find a new direction in life or a new purpose. This would give them a feeling of liberation and independence. It is a gift to prepare for life by using practical tools.