6 Reasons Why You Should be a Mentor

Being a mentor might never have crossed your mind, and you may well be thinking it’s not worth the time and effort. But here are 6 reasons why it might just be the next best career move for you:

1. See things in a different light

Understanding the world from someone else’s perspective gives you the ability to think differently, and will help you come up with new and fresh ideas that are beneficial to you and the company you are working for. 

2. Shape future leaders

Having the ability to influence those that could be in a position of leadership in the future and seeing it come to fruition is a very rewarding feeling. 

3. Change someone’s working life for the better

Do you remember a mentor that has influenced you? Whether it’s an old university lecturer, a former colleague or the music teacher you had when you were ten, many of us can recognise times that were life changing. Why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to do that for someone else?

4. Achieve your own career goals

Being a mentor can also help you increase you own personal career development. For example, one study by Sun Microsystems on the benefits of their mentorship programme found that mentees were promoted five times more than those who were not in the programme.

5. Practice being a leader

Do you want to become a future leader in your field? Mentoring gives you the ability to practice the skills you’ll need to reach your career leadership goals, whether it’s improving your communication with others, time management, persuasion and negotiation skills or building confidence and trust. 

6. Learn more about your company or profession

A great way to get a better understanding of your company or profession is through mentoring. Those that you mentor may be in a different line of work to you, and you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of this, and their unique challenges, workloads and outcomes can be discussed. With a more holistic knowledge of your company and industry, you’ll be better equipped at making decisions. 

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