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Congratulations on your Skype interview and being one step closer to your dream job! A Skype interview or video call is a great way to show your personality and let the interviewer get to know you even better than he or she would over the phone.

It’s generally the next step before you are invited to their offices to meet you in person and saves you having to make the trek. 

However it is still a proper interview and you have to do your homework! Additionally, the interview come with its own set of rules and tips and we’ve everything you need to know here:

Location, Location, Location

What’s around you? Are you in a place where you can talk? Is someone going to come and disturb you? Make sure that you are in a comfortable location where you’ll have the ability to talk without being interrupted, whether it’s by the postman, your flatmate or your dog.

What’s on the walls behind you? Is your desk cluttered and distracting? Make sure that your surroundings look professional, with as few personal items as possible, and show that you are organised.

If you want to look even more perfect think about your lighting. Your face should really be lit so that you do not fade into the background and a light on you and on each side can go a long way.


You can make sure you know where to look, what to do with your hands, how to sit and everything else you might need to know before the big day by practicing with a friend and recording the conversation. You can then refer back to the conversation and understand what works well and what doesn’t, and what you need to change before the big day. 

What to Wear

What is the dress code of the company you are applying to? By looking through their social media and on their website you’ll get a feel of the company culture and how you can look the part in the interview. Smarten up if you are prone to being a bit scruffy, for example by combing your hair or trimming your beard, as it’s always better to err on the side of formal. Try not to wear too many distractions, for example gold bangles that are going to make a lot of noise and glint in the video. 

Note it Down

The great thing about a Skype interview is that you can have all your company research and information you’ve sent them in front of you. The day before the interview, look through their webpage so you can gather their latest news alongside general news which may affect their industry so that you’ve current talking point to show that you are well informed and create some rapport. 

Body Language

Make sure that your body language shows that you are listening and engaged in the conversation.  You can lean forward and sometimes interject listening sounds such as "hm," or "yes" as your interviewers speak. 

Try not to make too many excessive physical movements such as large hand gestures and wildly nodding or shaking your head as you’ll appear blurry to your interviewer, and none of your facial expressions will be visible.

Also remember to make eye contact, so look directly into the camera rather than at yourself at the bottom of the screen.

The Technical Side

As is always the way, technology often fails us. Make sure that you are in a spot with good internet connection, and check that everything works beforehand, such as your audio, camera and Skype. You might also want to make sure that your Skype profile looks professional and that you know who is calling who and at what time, especially when they are calling from a different time zone.