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Hello, my dear student! I think, from the title of this paper you’ve already understood that it’s about how to improve writing skills. If you are a beginner and wish to write compelling essays, papers, articles - you are in the right place. You may study the structure of her brilliant works and just get inspired. Remember, everyone needs practise, even such people like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Oscar Wilde. In the era of the internet, everyone can write. Only a couple of centuries ago writing was owned only by the elite, now overwhelming majority possesses these skills. Ask yourself, at what level you possess these skills? Do you dream of becoming a great novelist, a new Dostoevsky or Fitzgerald? Or do you just want to learn how to express your thoughts more consistently? If yes, read this paper, and you’ll find out how to improve your writing.

1. Read or re-read the book "Elements of Style" ("The terms of style") by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White. It is just a storehouse of useful advice, and although it's is sometimes a bit heavy, the basics must be known to everyone.

2. Every writer likes to read - this is an axiom. But how wide is your readership preferences? Of course, it is easy to read novels or stories. But in this case, I'm talking about moving your reading to another level. People tend to gravitate toward ideas or authors whose opinion they agree with. For example, if you are "liberal" in the literature, read a few "conservative" magazines or newspapers. It is important not just to agree with the opponent's opinion, but to look at the problem from a different point of view. Versatile education will add depth to your knowledge.

3. Remember about idioms. Of course, it will be much better for the text to replace the common figures of speech with idioms or phraseological units. Thus, the text will look more colourful, original and more complete. While you are looking for convenient expressions, you’ll find a lot of new information, therefore, enrich your vocabulary and culturally develop. In such, you may gain good writing skills.

4. Reduction. Of course, you need somehow to check your masterpiece. You can ask relatives about it. Just don’t be afraid of making mistakes. It is a necessary condition in the way of improving writing skills. I don’t know anyone, who could avoid of making mistakes. Be sure that someone will help to cope with it. But if you can’t find a person, who will be able to help, you can use particular websites; there you can check your text.

5. Don’t be afraid of mistakes! Allow yourself to write a terrible draft. This is the secret of every writer. Just "sketch" ideas on paper, without any self-criticism. Editing will be done later. Many people are afraid of failures that they do not start anything. How easy it would be to write if you know for sure that your first sketch would be useless!

6. Grammar mistakes are a huge red flag, but in the age of computer technology to fix them is the easiest thing. What does the reader say to the text with grammatical mistakes? Most likely, the fact that the author was in a hurry or just very lazy. Would you like to read a lazy work? It's like a chic dinner with wine poured into a plastic cup. Submission is just as important as content.

Well, these are my pieces of advice which, in humble opinion, will help to improve writing skills. The writing process should be not boring, otherwise, it can turn to torture. You can feel like a burst of energy, and complete exhaustion. There is no one absolute rule on how to write and what to sense at the same time. Find your own style. For a start, you can use someone’s help. For example, you can order an essay at EduBirdie on any topic, and you’ll receive an opportunity to obtain new knowledge about the structure, vocabulary for composing texts.

To write means to rewrite. Nobody creates a perfect text for the first time. When the phrases are transferred to paper, start editing. Strive for clarity, avoid repetition, correct grammatical and lexical mistakes.

So, don’t be afraid to write, make mistakes, develop yourself. I wish you good luck!