The countryside in Iceland with hills and lakes

Are you currently looking for an apprenticeships? There are opportunities in business, retail and construction, right? These might well be some of your options, but there are plenty more career paths to choose from, and here we've picked some of the more interesting ones you might not have heard about... 

A Jeweller or Silversmith Apprenticeship at the Goldsmiths' Centre.

Glass and gold earrings on a black background

The Goldsmiths' Company offer apprenticeship opportunities to those who want to learn how to work with precious metals. You can work in a real workshop, home your skills and work towards qualifications under the guidance of a 'Master' for up to five years depending on your specialism. 

In your final year you will be asked to produce a masterpiece, which showcases what you have learnt and you will have the opportunity to take part in exciting and challenging competitions such as the Goldsmiths' Craftsmanship and Design Awards and World Skills UK. 

The Goldsmiths' Company has a long-standing historical traditions of Apprentice Binding and Freedom Ceremonies. The first volume of Goldsmiths' Company Apprenticeship Records began in 1578. Today's apprentices sign volume twelve of the records when they become 'bound' to their Masters at the start of their apprenticeship. When you complete your apprenticeship, you will be given the Freedom of the Goldsmiths; Company, an honour dating back to the 17th century. 

 As Masters give their apprentices a huge amount of commitment, support and training, it is normal for apprentices to become permanent employees in their Master's workshop. 

A Fell Futures Apprenticeship at the Lake District National Park.

Dry stone walls in the Lake District National Park

Image Credit: Dave_S/Flickrcommons

If you're looking for a hands-on role in an outdoor environment, the Fell Futures apprenticeship is designed to train you in the skills needed in managing and looking after somewhere as special as the Lake District, with a focus on rural and heritage skills. The skills that you might learn include drystone walling; Cumberland and Westmorland hedgelaying; Rights of Way maintenance and installation; bridge building; river bank stabilisation; footpath creation and maintenance; and fencing. 

You'll also receive training and achieve nationally recognised qualifications in areas applicable to other fields such as chainsaw operations, all terrain vehicle use, working at heights, herbicide use, and first aid. 

Clay Modelling Apprenticeship at Aston Martin.

A vintage green Aston Martin sitting outside with mountains in the background

Image Credit: Rex Grey/Fickrcommons

Clay modelling involves layering thousands of pounds of clay over a foam core with every car designed in clay before being scanned in as a 3D CAD model. It takes months to shape every curve by hand, and models are even stored in an air tight container to revisit another next year. Even in the digital era, it's still one of the most important elements of the car design process and is believed to be an effective and hands-on way to evaluate the styling of a new car. These clay modelling sculptors work closely with the designers of the car, who are the directors of the clay project, so the result fits the designer's brief. 

Aston Martin offer a comprehensive apprenticeship programme for those looking to learn, develop and excel in their careers. They are looking for those who show an appreciation for craftmanship and enjoy hands-on work, and are excited about playing a part in the development and manufacture of some of the most iconic cars in the world. Their range of apprenticeships include Product Development (Trim, Body Engineering, Electrical Engineering), Maintenance, Manufacturing Systems and Support, Trim Shop, and Paint Operations and Design.

Cabin Crew Apprenticeship with BA.

A British Airways aircraft sitting on the tarmac of an airport getting loaded with passenger baggage

If you've always wanted to travel or thought the glamourous life of a cabin crew member was exactly for you, then BA's two-year programme is the one for you. The Programme offers you the ability to obtain a Level 3 Qualification in Customer Service where you will learn about the entire customer journey and use this understanding to deliver a joined up, consistent customer experience. Your first year will be spent on the ground assisting passengers on their journey through the airport, while in your second year you'll reach for the skies and learn how to look after the needs of customers in the air, working as part of a team of cabin crew. On completion of your apprenticeship, you will then be able to apply for a permanent role at BA. 

Active Outdoor Pursuits Instructor Apprenticeship.

The countryside in Iceland with hills and lakes

Their 15-month Instructor Development Programme is designed to support people who are passionate about the outdoors promising "adventure, challenge, new friends, new skills and experiences, beautiful places, and lots of laughs along with blood, sweat and tears." It's aim is to develop you into an  experienced, motivated and knowledgeable instructor for the industry.

Based in the Scottish Highlands, you'll work with schools, community organisations, team development groups and corporate clients, and learn the life of an outdoor centre, living and eating alongside employees. The activities that you will learn about, get involved in, and be qualified for by the end of the programme include: snow sports; canoeing/kayaking; expeditions on foot bike, canoe and sea kayak; mountain leading; and trail cycle leading.

You'll also be involved in the day-to-day running of the centre including the maintenance of the centre, buses and equipment, cleaning duties, catering & kitchen assistance, bookings & office support and working in the shop & café.

Production Apprenticeship at the BBC.

Close up of a TV camera on a white background

If you are passionate about TV, radio and online, an apprenticeship at the BBC Academy gives you the ability to learn, develop and create alongside work and study. The Production Apprenticeship role gives you an insight into industry ethics, research skills, storytelling, copyright, pitching, social media, media management, converging technology, and editing and shooting. You'll be able to choose where you would like to work and last year they had placements in live programming, the arts, documentaries, entertainment and events e.g. Strictly Come Dancing or the BBC’s New Year celebrations, Radio 1, drama, comedy, science and BBC music festivals. 

The BBC Academy offers a number of broadcast apprenticeships including Journalism, Digital Journalism and Engineering.

Social Enterprise Apprenticeship.

Young people in a meeting sitting around a coffee table

If you are looking to go into the social enterprise sector after you leave school, this apprenticeship helps you develop the essential skills around business planning, marketing and sales negotiation, designed to meet the skill need of a diverse range of socially enterprising organisations of varying sizes. It encourages you and accredits you to work with your organisation to develop a socially enterprising idea for a new product or service, or an improvement to an existing product or service.

Social enterprises aim to raise profits to solve an environmental or social issue, making them both ethically sound and sustainable organisations. With many existing businesses turning their attention to their environment and becoming more ethically aware, and the growth of new ethically conscious enterprises, the demand for social enterprise skills is growing and it’s clearly a sector that cannot be ignored.

On completion, you can use your skills to enter the social enterprise sector, the voluntary sector, the private sector or self-employment.