While you’re at school you cannot wait to grow up and get away from all those rules and deadlines and boring homework. It’s only once you finally leave that you realise what a cushy deal you had back then. You never really notice you were in the good old days until you’re not any more and it’s a shame because school days are some of the best days of all.  

1. You will laugh everyday. At school you spend everyday with your mates, the only people who will ever be close to making you wee your pants from laughing. Not only this, but nothing is every funnier than when you’re not allowed to laugh and you’re not allowed to laugh for around 80% of the school day. Trust me, it will surprise you how quickly you forget what it feels like to break down into silent giggles because someone can’t say the word supposedly.

2. You make the best friends. Your friends are almost the most important thing about school. Although there is the occasional falling out, they are the reason you go into school everyday; not the thrill of learning about the periodic table. Sometimes you will be friends for life but you can just as easily lose contact. However long it has been though, when you see them again, you will pick up right where you left off, probably laughing about that time one of you got trapped in a locker for the afternoon.


Image Credit: MemeCrunch. (Inbetweeners)

3. You learn loads - outside of the classroom. Even if you think you didn’t learn anything useful in your lessons, school will definately have taught you a lot about yourself. At school you build up a personality. You find the things you like and the things you don’t like. You learn what makes you laugh and what makes you cry as well as which music and clothes you like. It can be a difficult time as you may start to feel you are different to other people but of course you are! Everyone is different and if anyone doesn’t want to hang out with you because you’re tastes are not exactly like theirs then they are clearly not worth your time! 

4. You get the chance to try everything. School gives you the space to find the things you love to do. You can easily try everything from choral singing to break dancing. This allows you to take up loads of hobbies, one of which could become a passion or even a career. Later on in life, joining an orchestra or a sports team becomes more and more time consuming, expensive and daunting. So make the most of these opportunities while they are right on your doorstep.

5. Your “problems” are pretty much non-existent. Not to patronise but when you are at school you have pretty much nothing to worry about. You will look back in five years and laugh at almost everything you complain about now. Teachers might bug you about deadlines, tell you not to run in the hallways and give you detentions for sleeping in class but that’s just because they know what’s best for you. Well either that or they just really hate the sound of snoring.

6. You’re allowed to be selfish. At school you only really have to think about yourself. You can base your decisions purely on what you want. In GCSE’s or A levels you can choose to study the subjects you enjoy. This is great because you always learn more when you’re not bored out of your brains! Most importantly you don’t really have to factor in what you should be doing or what would be the sensible option, you’re a teenager, you don’t need to be sensible!

7. If all else fails someone else can clear up the mess. The number one best thing about being at school is that if something really goes wrong there is pretty much always someone standing by to bail you out. You can still rely on your parents, your teachers and your friends to get you out of a sticky situation whereas, once you’re in Uni or work, the buck stops with you. If you mess up, you have got to face the consequences and that can be scary.