7 Things to Include in Your Personal Statement 1

A personal statement is not something you can copy from someone else. Your personal statement is unique to you and your experience.

This is the opportunity to show the board what you are made of and what brought you here. This is not an ordinary essay you are going to have to write, but it needs to get a bit personal. 

Write your essay to convince the admissions staff why you are the right candidate to make it into your chosen university. The best part is that you will use the same personal statement to apply to all universities. This is your story on paper. Here’s what you want to include in your personal statement. 

Which course

If you are applying to the same course at every university, include your course of choice in your personal statement and explain why you believe that this is a good choice for you. Let them know the story behind your need to study this specific course and how it will affect you going forward. By the time you get to university level, you should have clear direction and it needs to show. You don’t have to go too deep into detail here, but let them know that this is important to you. 


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Outside of school

Universities are looking for well-rounded people and you have to show what you have been up to after school is out. Take this opportunity to show how you apply this course material in your everyday life. A good personal statement editing service does come in handy if you believe that your communication can be improved. Your teachers will also help you to write and re-write your personal statement. This is an important factor as it is one thing to study well, but its context is also important.

Tell your story

Everyone has a story to tell and your story is what might win over the reader of your personal statement. You don’t have to have a soppy story and neither do you have to write down a good one. Just be honest and don’t be afraid of being yourself. There is a reason why your life went the way it did and that is all you need to include. 

Show your passion

We can be very technical in the way we complete applications. With this one, you want to show your vulnerability. Let the board know that you are passionate about the course and without it, you would have to make a lot of changes. You need to show that this is your only option.

7 Things to Include in Your Personal Statement 1

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In your personal statement, you want to focus on your strengths. What makes you the person that you are and how do you approach challenges. Remember, you are trying to sell yourself to someone, and listing your strengths is a great way to do so. Find the best personal statement editing service you can afford to express this. Don’t talk about you giving up on something, because this won’t get you anywhere. Rather focus on what you have done well. 

Career choices

You are wanting to study this course because you are trying to achieve some career goals. This would be a good time to reflect on that. What are your career choices and how do you see this course helping you get there. Be passionate about your options and let there be one that stands out above the rest. You have to almost explain how you believe you are going to make a difference in the industry of your choice.

Work ethic

Do you work well in a team or independently? Whichever one it is, motivates why this works for you and how it will be of benefit when doing the course. There is no right or wrong answer here. It simply depends on your motivation of why it works. 

 Top photo by Social Cut via free Unsplash License.


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