8 tips to help motivate yourself to revise

Image Credit: Patrick Perkins via free Unsplash License.

As the revising period is so long it’s hard to keep motivated at all times. If you’re falling foul of this, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, but here are a few motivational tips to help if you’re starting to flounder:

1. Watch motivational films

Lots of films out there tug at our heartstrings and there are plenty of characters we can relate to, admire and copy when trying our hardest to revise. As a teenager I wanted to be Kat Stratford from '10 Things I Hate About You' and obviously attend Sarah Lawrence, but her intelligence and independent mind got me through. But even if you don’t relate to the character personally, the telling of a triumph over adversity story can help us figure out what we want from life and how to fight for it. 

Some of the most motivational films include:

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods applies to Harvard Law only because her boyfriend is attending and she wants to prove that she's as not as stereotypically blonde as she may seem.

Billy Elliot

As a male ballerina from the north of England, Billy Elliot fights against what society expects of him to follow his own passion.


Part-timer boxer Rocky's rags to riches tale show us that with a positive attitude anyone who's struggling can achieve their dreams if they work hard enough.

2. Plan your summer

The Summer after your GCSEs or A-levels is all about relaxing and enjoying life, and after your exams are over you’ll be free to do whatever you want. Spending a bit of time now planning and Googling, whether it be going on holiday with your friends, going to a festival, or even taking a gap year can work in your favour to motivate you to get the next few months over with as quickly as possible!

3. Plan your life

Do you know what you want to do or be in the future? For example, you might know that you want to be a psychologist or have chosen the university you want to attend. Remind yourself that whatever you do now is just a step to where you want to be in the future. 

4. All the nice things

Loads of you won’t have a concrete life-plan, but would you like a house, a car, lots of nice clothes or gadgets? You’ll only be able to buy these with money and the more you work hard now the more likely you’ll be able to afford all these things in the future.

5. Lists

Are you an avid film buff or bookworm? While your revising you can’t dedicate as much time to your hobbies - but writing a list of all the things you want to do when you’ve got more time and finished your exams will give you a few small pleasures to look forward to. 

6. Use quotes

Motivational quotes are all the rage - keep quotes around and about, on your phone and in your diary, so whenever you don’t feel like working you can sneak a quick peek at them and get yourself back on track. 

7. Pin it all up

All those quotes, pictures of your holiday destination and the car you are planning on buying can be pinned up in front of your desk to inspire you and remind yourself of where you want to be and what this revision is all for in the long run. 

8. Start

The hardest thing about revising is starting, so start. Soon you’ll find you’ve made progress which will make you want to work even harder and get more done.


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